The Catholic Mothers Conference held in Mooresville, NC, on Saturday, November 16, went very well, and Teeccino was a much-loved part of it! We were very grateful for your generosity in providing two full bags of grounds to brew and a hundred teabags to set out on the table. The attendees all received teabags in their goody bags, too, so we hope they tried some Teeccino at home if they didn’t at the conference.

After the conference ended I went back to the kitchen to collect any remaining Teeccino. I was surprised and delighted to discover that they had used up both bags of grounds and all but a couple dozen of the Dandelion Dark Roast teabags (those were not a favorite, I guess, or at least less appealing than the Dandelion Caramel Nut). They said they ran out of brewed Teeccino before the conference ended, it was such a hit with the ladies attending. 🙂 My friend Diana, holding her cup in the picture, was grateful Teeccino was an option as she has given up her beloved coffee for health reasons.’

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