Baby and I in those first amazing weeks together!

Hi, I’m Ashley and I’ve been working for Teeccino since 2009. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, but after a number of years trying without success and watching my biological clock tick ever closer to my 40’s, I decided to quit working full time and undergo fertility treatment. Of course, I was already caffeine-free because you can’t work at Teeccino without learning about all the ways coffee affects your health. I had read about the negative effects of caffeine on fertility, and I didn’t want anything to affect my baby, or cause me more anxiety than I was already experiencing. Doing customer service teaches you a lot – so many stories pour in! I’d like to share how being a Teeccino drinker not only helped me stay calm during all the fertility procedures, but is also really helping me now that I’m a new mom!

Because of the difficulty I have had getting and staying pregnant, I have consumed zero caffeine, not even iced tea – since long before my fertility treatments. However, it really wasn’t until last fall when I had my baby, that I truly understood and appreciated the natural energy boost that Teeccino provides. As a longtime Teeccino employee, I knew that pinitol in carob makes our cells less insulin resistant so they can take in energy from our blood. I also knew about the bio-available liquid potassium in every cup that boosts our energy supply as it balances the sodium in our cells…but it just didn’t hit home completely for me until as a new mom, I started to drink Teeccino daily, even a few times a day, with no other stimulants of any kind. 

I have always loved and enjoyed the taste of Teeccino, and been lucky enough to get to try all 19 flavors in our office kitchen! My renewed love affair with Teeccino has been super fun; it’s like I re-discovered it all over again. Being able to make it every (early!) morning with Tee-bags during those first few weeks of sleepless nights was a great way to start my day. Soon I started craving Teeccino in the evenings because it gave me such an unexpected boost at the end of a long day. A cup of Teeccino wouldn’t interfere with going to sleep and I’d drink it right before I would be up and down with baby all night. I am so happy I have been able to experience the true energy effect of Teeccino, and in addition it keeps me hydrated and reduces my cravings for sugary/fatty foods that baby and I don’t need. Best of all, I know that Teeccino has helped me to be more alert and focused for all of his first smiles, moves and coos!

Checking out all the Teeccino flavors...being held by Operations Manager, John!

Checking out all the Teeccino flavors – and being happily held by our Operations Manager, John!

During these first precious months, I have had energy to spare, visited the office a few times with baby (see pic!)…taken lots of stroller and baby-wearing walks…and as always, supported our Ambassadors with Teeccino samples to share at their events!

I have continued working part-time with our network of over 200 Teeccino Ambassadors since September 2012 – receiving their event requests and shipping out samples of Teeccino to share in their communities. I have been continually amazed by how passionate our Ambassadors are about Teeccino, and for many of them, how it has changed their lives and health in a fundamental way. Getting to appreciate Teeccino myself in a whole new way, as an essential part of my day, has reminded me of how amazing our Teeccino Ambassadors are. Simply because they love Teeccino and what it has done for them – they want to share it with everyone!

If you’d like to be a Teeccino Ambassador, let us know by taking this quick survey – we’ll send you the details to watch the online Webinar and get started!
If you’re pregnant or a new mom, trust my advice. Don’t reach for caffeine even though you’re exhausted. It will just rob you of more energy. Fix yourself a delicious cup of Teeccino and relax and enjoy your little one while you sip away!

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