Teeccino-displayStefanie is an amazing Ambassador located in Nevada…you might remember her 4th of July event last year! Stefanie held a holiday get-together in December for about 30 people with Teeccino AND our gluten-free superseeds cereal, TeeChia…and she told us in her great report:
“I hosted a holiday party to spread the word about Teeccino and everyone loved it. The party included some of my friends and coworkers. Many of them hadn’t had the chance to try Teeccino, so this was a great way to make some new fans of the products. I also did a cookie exchange, which was the perfect pairing to the Teeccino samples.  I set out a variety of Teeccino flavors to try and everyone kept going back for a second cup! The overall favorites of the party were the Vanilla Nut and Pumpkin Spice flavors, but everyone loved all the varieties…”

– ‘I love the great taste and that it doesn’t have the caffeine like coffee’, said Jenn.
– ‘I stopped drinking coffee years ago because of how it made me feel, and now I can finally experience the taste of it without the jitters’ said Bonnie. 
‘I loved the smooth and rich flavor, the perfect drink on a cold night’, said Mark.
“This was the perfect drink to serve at the holiday party, so festive and fun. I sent home TeeChia cereal samples with everyone so that they could experience the true variety of products Teeccino has to offer. Thank you for the opportunity.”

TeeccinoAmbassadorStefanieWe are truly amazed by your dedication and enthusiasm for being a Teeccino Ambassador, Stefanie!  We so appreciate your sharing all the great feedback from your friends as well.  We’ll work on those fun swag items you mentioned later in your report, so each Teeccino event can be a new and exciting experience for you and your guests! THANK YOU, Stefanie – we can’t wait to support your next Ambassador event!

Teeccino Ambassadors is a program we started just over a year ago.  Our most dedicated fans sign-up to be Ambassadors, and can make requests for samples to share at their local neighborhood events. We’ve supported so many different types of Ambassador events…from book clubs, office lunches and sci-fi conventions…to health fairs, holiday parties and church events!   We now have over 100 Teeccino Ambassadors active around the country.  The best news is, the program is still open to new Ambassadors!  It’s easy to join by taking a quick survey and watching our online Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its many health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. Once you’ve watched the Webinar, you can request samples online!

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