Congratulations on winning our $25 gift card. See Shanna’s experience below!

We always have so many amazing stories come in each month and want to thank each and every one of you for sharing!

Our star this month is Shanna Cartmell of Cartmell Chiropractic. We love that she was able to share with the Homeschool Academy that she is a member of. When parents learn about the benefits of Teeccino they often share with their children, giving us the joy of knowing that our health forming teas are making their way through generations.

Here is what Shanna had to say about her experience:

“The parents of our Homeschool Academy congregate in a fellowship hall for breakfast during the students activities. I was able to speak, and offer samples of Teeccino to the parents as well as some teenaged students. Everyone was excited, even some of the die-hard coffee drinkers were willing to give it a try! Some even knew and loved Teeccino already, so the little sample gift was fun for them to try a new flavor. I saw a few open their tee bags and made a cup before they even left the room!” – Shanna Cartmell


Do YOU want to introduce others to Teeccino? Check out our Teeccino Ambassador program – it’s an easy way to request samples to share with those in your community and circles. Learn more here and get started by filling out the survey!

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