Do you remember reading about Bhakti Fest last year? If you need a refresher, it was the international yoga, kirtan, and meditation festival in Joshua Tree, California. This festival also marked the first time we introduced TeeChia to the world.
Well since we loved it so much, we had to go back for Shakti Fest, the smaller, spring yoga festival taking place at the same spot in May. Reserving the same corner booth as Bhakti Fest, patrons enjoyed the environment that the desert had to offer. We were lucky enough to exhibit Teeccino backstage in both green rooms throughout the entirety of the festival.
This festival left us with an impromptu electronic dance party taking place in front of our booth one evening, thanks to the folks at Smooch, the booth located next to us. Many patrons seemed to really enjoy a warm cup of Teeccino during the later evening hours.

As Joshua Tree experienced some of the best weather in years, it provided a perfect environment to showcase Teeccino and TeeChia to a loyal crowd interested in health through fitness and lifestyle choices.

Similar to Bhakti Fest, breakfast was served before 7AM. We offered both Blueberry Date and Cinnamon Cranberry TeeChia paired with fresh berries and yogurt, as well as several flavors of Teeccino, served both hot and chilled.

When they were able to take a break from the booth, the boys also had a chance to explore the park and do some spring climbing.


If you ever find yourself in Southern California around the time of Bhakti Fest or Shakti Fest, we highly recommend the world class music, kirtan and meditation, as it will give you a much needed break from your daily reality. Classes taught by world-renowned yoga instructors and music from all over the world compliments this great event.

To find out more about Shakti Fest & Bhakti Fest, visit their website:

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