Montclair, NJ
Category : Teeccino Love

I came across your products when I was shopping for tea at Whole Foods Market. I first purchased the Vanilla Nut Latte version and was instantly hooked. I was surprised it contained no caffeine but it tasted like coffee. I actually don’t drink coffee because it makes my skin breakout, so I was quite pleased to learn that your products had no caffeine, and it was not coffee. I was so pleased with the Vanilla Nut Latte version, I purchased the Hazelnut Latte version and the French Roast “Coffee” version. In fact, I was the only buying them at Whole Foods until they ran out and had to order more for me. I really love your products. It tastes so good. I wish upon great success for creating such amazing tasting tea bags that have no caffeine but tastes like coffee. (I like to put mine with a little bit of unsweetened almond milk. It is so good. THANK YOU so much for being so passionate for creating great tasting, healthy tea bags. Your passion and your excellence will bring you more success down the road. Thank you.