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Morning Bliss

I ordered a sample pack of tee chino to try in an effort to find a more natural, caffeine-free coffee substitute that still satisfies — and Teeccino Love is a real winner! The only thing that would make these products absolutely perfect would be if they were sold in recyclable packaging.

A great replacement for coffee cravings

A delicious alternative to coffee. I never daily drank coffee but I did like it a lot. I had to go on a diet for health reasons that didn’t permit coffee. This was a great way to have the coffee flavor without cheating on my diet!

All of the coffee flavor and none of the acid…

Wait, is it tea or is it coffee? 🤔 It's Teeccino, the herbal tea that tastes like coffee! 😜You see, I'm a coffee lover. But my trainer swears by herbal tea. So, to adhere to the meal plan she created for me while I was training, I found the best of both worlds...The Vanilla Nut Teeccino is perfect for me! It's a medium roast, but if I steep it longer, it can easily pass for the dark roast I love! And it's all of the coffee flavor and none of the acid that makes my tummy unhappy. I steep it for a few minutes, add some oat milk creamer and coconut sugar and it is just perfect. PERFECT.There. Everyone is happy. It's the best of both worlds, I tell ya!

A friend introduced me!

A friend introduced me to Teecino after I learned I could no longer enjoy my daily cup of joe. Unbeknownst to me, coffee was causing me all kinds of digestive issues. She gave me a couple of packs that she purchased at Whole Foods. I was hooked! When I discovered the variety of flavors available on Amazon... I was in love!!!!! Each pouch is packed with flavor. I usually drink two 10oz cups a day. I have so many favorites, but if I had to narrow it down to a couple I'd pick Red Chai, Maca Chocolate, and Mocha Mint. I also like Tumeric, French Roast, Hazelnut, and Coconut. I prep them just as I would coffee- a little cream (flavored or not) and a half packet of natural sweetener.I love Teecino. It is delicious. My advice would be to start with the samplers. Once you find the flavors you like, buy the full box. I plan to give assortments out to my friends for Xmas. And I can't wait to try these flavors over ice!!!

Great Flavor!

I've been a coffee a drinker for over 20 years. I truly enjoy the taste of coffee with a rich coffee creamer to complement the flavor. However coffee in our house is slowly being replaced with teeccino. The bold flavors are easy to blend with my regular creamers and non of the side effects that I suffer from coffee. I have been telling friends and family about teeccino, since I've been introduced to it.Thanks for bringing this beverage to us coffee drinkers that have been educated on the dangers of caffeine. Teeccino offers a safer alternative to coffee.

Cannot get enough!

I LOVE coffee, but it has gradually disrupted my sleep more and given me bad headaches, even if I drink decaf, and even minimally. I think Teeccino is an amazing substitute, as the flavor is delicious, and I feel great about the ingredients. I still haven't tried most of the flavors, but so far I've really enjoyed vanilla nut, and my favorite is the dandelion dark roast. Both the tea bags and the loose grounds make a delicious warm (or cold) beverage, and I look forward to trying more flavors!

Great customer service

Today I needed help with my order, so I called Teeccino and reached Melissa. She was very kind and knowledgeable. In no time at all, she was able to complete my order. I love Teeccino’s flavor and health benefits. I like the tea bags for the convenience. Thanks again, Melissa!

Flavor, creamy and consistency was delightfully

Since I tried dandelion, chicory and Ramon coffee I was completely with the best taste of coffee of organic and natural grade without the negative effects of reflux or acidity and even of heartburn that I had with regular coffee, it also helps my body, the amount of cream or milk needed is minimal and its creamy flavor is excellent

Can’t consume coffee

I'm allergic to coffee and caffeine. Love the aroma that coffee emits but that's as close as I could come to it. Teecino, has made it possible for me to not only enjoy the smell of a coffee drink but now, I can consume with sheer delight. Thank you very much!

Zero Caffeine

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in February 2012. Over the last 7 years I've adjusted my diet to remove/add different foods. The one thing that I've removed for good is caffeine as it's a diuretic. I love the selection of teas and coffee substitutes!

Will be ordering regularly

I'm loving all of the Teeccino teas I've been trying. I started by ordering a few different sampler packages. I'm glad I did because even the ones I didn't think I'd like too much I've enjoyed. I'll be placing my second order soon and love that I will get a free tea of another flavor to sample if I order $25. I'm planning on placing my order by the end of January to get the French Vanilla!

So what – I can’t have coffee…I can have Teecino!

I never really developed a taste for coffee. I discovered a sample offer and tried Teeccino this Fall. It has been a delightful journey since! I quickly ordered a sampler an started brewing hot and cold teas. I love the taste and the refreshment hydrating with Teeccino gives me. It provides me with a great drink and a pleasant, subtle aftertaste that does not give me the coffee drinkers nemesis - bad breath. As a nurse I value this most because nurses are with people throughout their work day. The typical coffee stains and coffee breath are not a part of what I provide along with the care I give. Most days now a tall glass of iced Teeccino brew awaits me in my refrigerator...a new flavor every day!

Better Than Coffee!

A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to give up coffee because we thought the caffeine was unhealthy. It was difficult at first because we got headaches from caffeine withdrawal. That passed fairly quickly but the worse thing was the loss of that coffee ritual that was such a a warm and bonding experience to share with my family and friends. We also drank tea which is great but still not the same as coffee - then we discovered teeccino and it's actually better than coffee - in flavor and in the warm satisfying feeling you get from sipping and sharing it with others. We look forward to our teeccino each and every day (multiple times) and I've converted a lot of my friends over to teeccino too. I can't recommend it enough - my favorite flavor is the Maca Chocolate Organic - I add some organic milk and savor every last drop.

I can't drink coffee

My wife and I LLLOOOVVVEEE Teecino. We drink it literally every morning mixed with heavy cream. Our favorite is to let it steep extra long so it gets darker and more complex and then mix in the cream for a sweet, deep, complex flavor. We don't like what caffeine does to us and we tend to eat kinda sorta Keto, so Teecino is perfect. We are urban farmers so we also love that Teecino supports new farming opportunities giving farmers the opportunity to grow new products!

I can't drink coffee because it gives me heart palpitations. Teeccino is a great-tasting alternative that allows me to diversify my hot beverage repertoire.

I tried Hazelnut flavor.No acid, caffeine free- so I slept a lot better all through the night, the flavor , texture was smooth, deep flavor, awesome product, love it,Y'all need to try,!!!!!

How long have known Teeccino?

No picture just memories. Mmmm, when did I start buying Teeccino? Somewhere in the 90s it was either after I got my first computer or it was at Quail Cove Farm, I was homesick (yes, I grew up in Lompoc, Calif. and lived in Cape Charles, VA) and when I saw the package, I just knew we belonged together. And it might have been at Elwood Thompson's in Richmond, I am not sure. Well, I do know that once I moved to Richmond, I would go to South River Compounding Pharmacy where I convinced them to order it. I also know that I was in Vienna Whole Foods that same day and bumped into the Teeccino stocker and told her to visit South River, which she did. I have bought it online as well. But the best time? It was when my daughter and I went with my cousin from Ojai to visit the actual building on a visit to California. We met Caroline McDougall and her big black dog. I was in heaven the rest of the day, they were all so nice. You see, I talk about Teeccino everywhere I go. Then the teabags began, and the dandelion kind, and i fell in love again!

Bullet coffee? I chose Teeccino instead!

When my healthcare provider recommended I drink a bullet coffee every morning, a big smile spread across my face! She was asking me to include healthy ingredients like MCT oil, ghee, and even a dash of pink Himalayan saltin my morning beverage. Because I wanted to and avoid caffeine and yet enjoy the flavor of a rich, healthy hot beverage, I jumped on the bandwagon and began using the Maca Chocolate Teeccino that I had in the house. I love the rich creamy flavor of Teeccino, blended for a few seconds with a bit of almond milk, MCT oil, ghee and a spoonful of organic cacao powder. Wow! Who would have thought being healthy could be so delicious? And it gives the feeling of fullness and well-being that lasts into lunch time. I have told so many of my friends about the wonderful flavors and healthy benefits of Teeccino by itself, and the extra benefits suggested by my health care provider.Thank you for having the four pack bundles that give great flavor variety and for the savings on shipping by ordering that way. You can call me a very happy Teeccino "lifer"!!