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No pills for me

My doctor said he wanted to put me on pills. I promised to quit caffeine. So, I went to decaf coffee. At my next visit, he still wanted to put me on pills. I quit drinking coffee altogether. He said I was better and he'd hold off putting me on pills. Now, I have found Teechino and I am THRILLED that I can enjoy a warm cup of what tastes like coffee! YAY! Thank you, Teeccino!

Quitting Caffeine

I started on a quest to get off of caffeine almost a year ago. The catch was I needed to find that replacement that would satisfy the coffee craving. Teecino did just that and more. I have tried the samplers and have narrowed down my favorites. It is a great drink regardless of the reason to try. 5 Stars

I love Teeccino!

I love coffee but it doesn’t love me. I drank Decaf for years and even decaf was bothering my stomach and giving me heartburn. I searched and tried so many different teas to help substitute my morning cup of coffee. Nothing satisfied me until I found Teeccino! Teeccino has been a lifesaver. I love the taste, Vanilla Nut is my favorite, and without coffee my stomach feels so much better. I love also that I can brew it like coffee or if I’m on the go or traveling I have the option to use their tea bags which still give me the same rich delicious flavor! Thank you Teeccino!

Chicory Root benefits

Amazingly Chicory Root has the flavor and look of coffee. It's easy to use the convenient pre-bagged Chicory Root Almond flavor in a box. It arrives in great condition. No more unhealthy decaf coffee.

Great tasting replacement for coffee

I am an 4 year breast cancer survivor. I take a cancer medication that suggests I don't consume caffeine. The side effects of caffeine are not something I want to go through. I have been 4 years without coffee and regular tea.. Herbal teas are good but I really miss coffee. I was on try computer looking for some different herbal teas when I ran across Teeccino coffee alternative. I purchased a sample packet and was thrilled with the flavors available. This is the closest I have ever gotten to anything like coffee. Thank goodness there are people who make up these wonderful coffee alternatives. Thank you so much. I have been telling my friends about Teeccino.

Decaf Out, Teeccino In

My husband found Teeccino when he was cleaning out an apartment at work. He brought home the packets, and as I read the labels, I was intrigued. I m a breast cancer survivor as of 10 years, and do not use decaf or any regular coffees, due to the acidity content. I love the aroma of coffee as it brews, but I never drink it. So his discovery was a God send! I have been using Teeccino for many years now! It is difficult to find in the stores, especially the variety of flavors. So I order it online as needed. I truly love this beverage especially on cold winter nights! So I will never go back to decaf or any coffee again, even if I have to bring it with me to work! I have also shared it with my friends! They too love the flavor and smoothness of the blend. Thank you ever so much for considering my story!

Heavenly Answer!

2 years ago I was diagnosed with Meneire's Disease. I was told, No Caffeine - And that includes decaf. Those who know me know I LOVE my chocolate and my coffee. This took away both. Quitting caffeine was the hardest thing I have ever done. I hadn't had a cup of coffee in those 2 years. Discovering Teeccino was a Heavenly Surprise! This is the best tasting coffee I've ever had! I am now able to have coffee with my meals again and have even gotten my husband converted to Teeccino! He loves it also!Thank you so much for a delicious answer to a difficult life change!

Out With Decaf, In With Teeccino

My husband found Teeccino when he was cleaning out an apartment at work. He brought home the packets, and as I read the labels, I was intrigued. I am a breast cancer survivor for 10 years. As a result, I have given up on coffee products, due to the acidity, as it is not good for our bodies. His finding was a God send! Once I tried Teeccino, I was sold! I love the flavor and aroma as it brews. It is difficult to find it in stores, in our area, so I order on line. Since then, I have shared it with my friends, and they also enjoy it when they come for visits. I will never be a coffee drinker again, just brew the Teeccino!Thank you so very much for considering my story. I hope to hear from you soon.

Wean the Caffeine

As a lifelong coffee afficianado, I found it extremely difficult to stop drinking coffee. I had to due to blood pressure concerns. Exposure to coffee aromas at home and work were sometimes unbearable. I’ve experimented with a variety of decafs and teas, however decafs usually negatively affect my digestive function. Since my first try of Teechino long ago, I have become an AfficiaTeechino! So many yummy coffee tasting flavors and aromas. Keep em coming!


I think your product is terrific because it is not too expensive‚ it is not unhealthy‚ I drink it in lieu of regular decaf coffee‚ and I like to think that I am not exploiting any workers - either in the US or elsewhere - or harming the environment by indulging. Many thanks.


Tucson, AZ

I drink Teeccino because it is completely caffeine free. I gave up 'real' coffee a year ago and have tried to drink decaf‚ but I really notice that I have heart flutters when I drink even the decaf stuff. So back to Teeccino I go. I just ordered two bags from my health food store‚ so will save the coupon for future use. Thanks for the coupon!

Loraine Bono

Just wanted to let you know how much I really like Teechino. I am actually a big coffee drinker and a friend bought me Teechino by accident‚ thinking it was choc. flavored coffee. I read the label and realized it wasn't but tried it anyway and I really like it. I still drink coffee during the day‚ but I really like the flavored Teechino in the evening‚ so that it won't interrupt my sleep like coffee would. I look forward to trying the other flavors. They sound yummy! Thanks‚ Lorraine Bono


My fav teeccino flavor is hazelnut and the reason I went to this company for a change was due to health issues attributed to caffeine intake. I now drink only one cup of coffee in the morning‚ and enjoy teeccino throughout the day as a healthy suppliment. It also really helps my digestion and it tastes delicious. I'm a life long convert. Thanks. Wish theu sold it at trader joes where I purchase our vegan foods.


Your herbal coffee is the absolute best! Teeccino provides the flavor‚ the body and the feeling of drinking coffee without the aftershocks (upset stomach‚ nervousness‚ heart palpitations and other problems associated with caffeine intake). I was introduced Teeccino when my pregnant cousin in Maryland told me that she found an awesome herbal coffee. At first‚ I thought I wasn't going to like it. After one sniff‚ I was motivated to give it a try. I'm glad I did. Thanks for being smart enough to make a healthy coffee for those of us who love the flavor but don't like the side effects. Thanks for your innovation!

Dennis Witte


I read the book and got the message. I stopped caffeine and never looked back and it has been wonderful. I went back to de-caf for a while because of the aroma‚ however‚ have again gone back to Teecino 100% I love the flavor‚ the health benefits and the price. Thanks Teeccino!


I LOVE Teecino! My two favorite flavors are the Almond Amaretto and the Chocolate. Caffeine in coffee actually has a reverse effect on me‚ making me sluggish and causing my heart to beat more slowly (with occasional fluttering)‚ so I started drinking decaf coffee. However‚ when I began reading about the chemicals used in the decafination process‚ I decided to find something new. I found Teecino in a local health food store and have really enjoyed it‚ both hot and iced. In the summer‚ I like to brew a full pot of the Teecino‚ let it cool‚ then keep it in the fridge. Each morning‚ I pour a glass of it over ice and add cream. Perfect morning refresher.

Athena Murphy

For twenty-six years‚ I was a true coffee elitist. While others drank coffee‚ I relished the perfect French or Italian roast from my specialty roaster who only roasts locally and sells to that small group of elite coffee snobs like myself. This was indeed a coffee romance. My recent discovery that most of my health problems are directly related to caffeine sensitivity had me realize the French roast had to go before my health did. When I found out my new decaf still had caffeine‚ I was forlorn. As I angsted over a painful break-up between me and coffee‚ I was convinced I never be completely satisfied again. ONE CUP of Java and I was a convert! No more broken heart or taste buds here. Teeccino and I are riding off happily into the sunset!

Janice Bradt

I first heard about Teeccino from a sample packet my husband brought home. I was skeptical and thought it was just another health drink! So I brewed a pot to see...it was delicious! I found that a large retail grocery store‚ Wegman's‚ carries it‚ only in Vanilla Nut flavor. SO I purchased a bag and have shared it with all my friends‚ family‚ and ladies at church! Some of them are going to try it too....When my Teeccino was gone‚ I decided to visit The Green Hut‚ a local health food store‚ to see if they carried it. They had not even heard of it!!! I asked them to try and see if they could order it‚ and in more flavors. Yes they could! WOW! I was so happy! A week later‚ I purchased Almond Amaretto‚ m-m-m good! I am truly grateful for this awesome natural coffee drink. I can't have caffeine‚ and I dislike the methods of producing decaf‚ as I am a cancer survivor. I love Teeccino! Thank you so much!

Barbara Lewis

I was overjoyed to find a wonderful substitute for coffee. The physician's assistant in my doctor's office told me that decaf coffee has some caffeine‚ and that it would be better if I gave it up. I tell my family that I would't go back to coffee now that I have Teecino to wake up to. Thanks to the folks who produce it.

Cathy Hart

My doctor wanted me to go a month eliminating many allergenic foods to help my leaky gut problem. Coffee‚ even decaf‚ was one of the things I had to go without. I was a serious (organic) coffee drinker. I wasn't sure I could go without coffee at all! The week before I was to start it‚ I happened to read an article about Kat James and picked up her The Truth about Beauty book. In the book she recommended Teeccino‚ which I had never heard of. Herbal coffee‚ saved!! Surprisingly‚ I found Teeccino at several local natural food stores. It tastes great‚ and is an easy substitute for coffee. After my month‚ in which I assumed I would go back to drinking coffee‚ I made a pot of coffee. But it didn't taste good anymore and I didn't finish it. So‚ to my surprise‚ I am continuing to drink Teeccino - Hazelnut and Chocolate Mint are my favorites!