Category: Blending Teeccino with Coffee
Relaxing and Comforting

I absolutely love Teechino! My favorite is the mint mocha. When i'm having a bad day, i just make a cup of this and savor every sip. It helps my anxiety and helps me to relax.

I love Teeccino chickory coffee.

I love Teeccino chickory coffee. I blend it 50/50 with Decaf coffee. I will even blend in a bit of real coffee if I have some on hand. My brother sent me a couple bags of his favorite Portland, OR roast as a gift, so I am able to use it little at a time this way. It Teeccino was cheaper, I would skip the Decaf.

Don’t ever want to be without Teecino!

My siblings swear that my parents actually put coffee in my baby bottles. I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't a coffee drinker! (Okay, maybe more milk than coffee when I was a child, but I always loved that coffee flavor!) I developed gastro issues in my 30s, and coffee seemed to make it worse. I was devastated! Then I tried mixing my coffee 1:1, or even 1:2 with Teecino. Cutting the amount of acid in my coffee enabled me to continue drinking it. What a relief! I drink it daily, even when I'm not having a flare-up. It's that good!

Tastes amazing!

I picked up some teecino locally and I mix it half to three quarters with regular coffee. It tastes amazing (even though it takes a little bit to get used to). It eliminates the reflux I get from coffee and halves my caffeine intake. I am a customer for life!

Espresso escape with Teeccino!

Who knew such a small change could make such a big difference! Our morning espresso now includes part Teeccino. I was skeptical after trying half-caf in the past, but Teeccino is SO MUCH MORE than straight decaffeinated coffee. Teeccino's richness draws you in. Each morning its exotic fragrance allows me to imagine I'm somewhere else if even for a minute -- India? France? You get the picture. You lose nothing and gain everything with Teecino!

Can have my caffeine … sort of

Giving up coffee has been the hardest thing for me, since I LOVE coffee. Lately, my body doesn't like caffeine effects, so I've had to find an alternative. Fortunately, Teeccino has provided that for me. Mixing Teeccino with decaf has been a wonderful blessing in that I haven't had to give up the taste of coffee but haven't had the side effects of caffeine with my new blend I call "decaccino." I've tried it lots of ways, with part decaf coffee and part Teeccino in just about every flavor that is available. Needless to say, I am a happy woman!


I love this stuff so much .I hated giving up my coffee the flavor in the morning made my day but always felt terrible after I drank it. I now mix 3/4 this with1/4 coffee and it's the best no more tummy issue no more headaches and all day energy. I also sleep better.

Jill Schisano

My husband is from Sorrento‚ Italy and loves his expresso coffee in the morning. It remainds him of his home country. Without telling him I switched from totally acid dark roast coffee to a mixture of Teeccino and expresso dark roast. He loved it and couldn't tell the difference. Little by little I am adding more Teeccino in the expresso pot. I also love it in my cuppuccino Actually it tastes even better than the old cuppuccino. Thanks for inventing it!! Ciao‚ Jill p.s. I forgot to tell you I use the Teeccino dark Maya Roast mixing it with the Expresso.


Atlanta‚ GA

Vanilla Nut Teeccino is a major part of my morning routine. I mix it equally with regular coffee because I still need a little caffeine to get me started. But I have grown so accustomed to the taste of Teeccino in my coffee that I can't drink coffee alone anymore. Both my husband and I have been unemployed since Dec. 2008 and have cut back or eliminated all non-essential purchases. I just want you to know that we have deemed Teeccino an essential purchase (one of very few) that we are continuing to buy. Thank you for the opportunity to save 15% today. It really helps.


About 2 months ago my Dr. officially told me I needed to be done with Caffeine and Alcohol due to stomach ulcers that have been giving me a lot of pain. I've been drinking Coffee since I was 14 years old‚ due to a Dr. prescribing it to me for migraines. I had tried to stop drinking coffee in the past but without it I would get the most horrible headaches. Teeccino allowed me to wean myself off of the regular coffee by mixing it little by little‚ then slowly mixing it with decaf until my body just didn't notice it anymore! I am so happy I found this product and can enjoy my coffee beverage in the morning without tearing my stomach up and not having to fight daily headaches.

Joey Silvestri

We love Teeccino and always have it on hand. My husband prefers a blend of 1/2 decaf espresso and half mocha Teeccino‚ which we drink every morning‚ with the addition of vanilla soymilk. Thank you for providing your great recipes - I have been using your rubs for salmon. Lately we've been using the Cajun Teeccino Rub‚ which I double the recipe and keep in a nice spice container.

Alice Hendricks

As a middle aged mother of two‚ I found myself in a total caffeine rut. I'd drink too much coffee in the morning and late morning‚ then not sleep at night‚ causing a terrible cycle. I tried everything to get off coffee until I had teechino. I followed the suggestions right on the bag - started mixing it with my coffee‚ and within a week‚ with NO HEADACHES I was off coffee‚ and I now prefer teechino over coffee. I buy it in bulk directly from teechino.com and I bought the single one-cup drip maker for when I travel. I sleep well‚ and I'm eternally thankful.

Sue Goldish


I was able to completely quit coffee by drinking Teeccino. I mostly drank the Java flavor as I felt it most closely resembled coffee. I started drinking it just for fun‚ but then started using it as a substitute for coffee. I was so worried about getting the caffeine headache if I didn't have enough caffeine in my system. So I started half coffee and half teeccino‚ then went to 1:3 then 1:4. I stayed at 1:4 for along time‚ afraid to give it up entirely. Then finally went to just a wee bit of coffee maybe a teaspoon‚ and the rest teeccino. Finally drinking just teeccino I never did get any headaches‚ and I have no further cravings for coffee‚ and better yet‚ no reflux heartburn problems like I was having from the coffee. Thank you Teeccino!

Barb Meahan

My husband and I went to plant based diet and love it! Our only vice has been coffee‚ we couldn't seem to give it up‚ then someone told me about Teeccino. We went to our Whole Foods and bought a pack of Java and oh my‚ We love it! I never thought we would give up coffee‚ we tried decaf and it made me sick! But this is a God send‚ love love love it! We are going off our coffee just as the package says so in two weeks we will be completely free! Tonight I ordered a 5 pound bag of Java and got us some tea because we also love tea! Thank you Teeccino for all your hard work to make this taste so wonderful!


My mother began raving about Teeccino a few months ago when I went to visit her (and how hard it was to find where she lived). I didn't think much about it until when ordering some things she wanted online and thinking about what I could add to the package as a surprise gift‚ I decided to search for that the tea/coffee product she had been telling me about. Then some weeks later while with some friends one began to lament how her doctor had told her to stop drinking coffee‚ but how much she misses her morning coffee ritual. Well‚ guess what? I started to talk about the wonders of Teeccino! After that‚ I figured I'd better try it myself if I'm going to recommend it to others. 🙂 About that time‚ I forgot to make coffee for my husband one morning and he complained of a headache. I'm more of a tea drinker and can take or leave coffee‚ but I didn't like the sound of that. I started researching more on the Teeccino website and developed an evil plan: to start slowly substituting my husband's morning coffee with Teeccino! Problem was‚ I couldn't decide on which flavor to buy... Enter Teeccino's 10 Flavor Sampler! It arrived speedily and thus began my husband and my love affair with Teeccino! Not only did I begin adding it to the morning coffee‚ but a cup of Teeccino has become our evening ritual. Needless to say‚ I have since had to buy full size bags at our local Sprouts! I even shared sample sizes with my friends‚ who also have loved it. So...what does one do with a Teeccino addiction?

When I was breastfeeding my son several years ago I used java flavor teeccino to replace coffee completely. I wanted to reduce my baby's caffeine consumption through breast milk. I was a neurotic new mom and swore caffeine was keeping my baby awake and making him irritable. ^_^ Looking back, the reality was teeccino helped me be calmer and avoid the jitters and nervousness that caffeine can sometimes cause. Even though I was exhausted at times and the caffeine could have helped get me through some of those early days I believe teaching at home was a better choice.8 years later, now I use teaching to reduce my caffeine consumption to avoid adrenal fatigue and boost my health. I'm a work at home mom of two active children and I must be the patient calm (but still energized) and focused professional and mother that my company and family need. Although now I prefer the taste of the dandelion dark roast and French roast. Java is too sweet for my low carb/low sugar lifestyle. ^_^I'm nearing my 40th birthday and appreciate the added health benefits of the dandelion based roasts. I currently use 2/3 teeccino to 1/3 caffeinated coffee in my morning Brew and it works well for me. even though I still prefer the taste and aroma of blonde roast coffees, teeccino is an acceptable substitute that I am happy to use daily.