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Can’t Have Coffee Anymore

I found Teeccino on my search for a non-caffeinated alternative to coffee. I have GERD and coffee made my acid reflux 10x worse, so I had no choice but to give it up. I was addicted to caffeine as well. I would get migraines if I missed a cup. It was hard keeping up with my body's demands. Then I found Teecino. While it doesn't taste exactly like coffee, it's close enough and activates the same parts of my brain associated with coffee. With Teecino, I can enjoy a bitter, hot beverage similar to the one that has been a part of my life for so long.

Best tasting Herbal Coffee

I've been drinking Teeccino for years and I've tried a lot of different flavors. My faves are Chocolate Raspberry, Southern Pecan and Dandelion Turmeric. The taste is delicious. Tastes like a very flavorful and rich cup of coffee. I can't drink regular coffee because of all the acid and it bothers my stomach but this doesn't bother me at all. I'm happy to have found this company.

Coffee that I can enjoy

I used to never be able to enjoy coffee. Not just the caffeine problems alone because even with decaffeinated I would still have acid reflux issues. Since I made the switch to Teeccino it has changed my life. With savory earthy flavors that awaken my mind but gentle on acidity so that I can enjoy what I am sipping on. Life-changers you guys are!

Teeccino is a Lifesavor!

I love Teeccino! I am so thankful there is an alternative to coffee. I have a bad case of caffeine intolerance and can't have any caffeine. I love that Teeccino smells and tastes very much like coffee and is so delicious! Thank you for considering me for the giveaway.

Good stuff!!

I am not a big fan of tea, so i was worried this would taste more like tea. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a lot more like coffee than tea. It helped keep my stomach acid low. I will continue purchasing.

Love My Herbal coffee

I discovered teeccino 10 years ago after I found out I had acid reflux. Have enjoyed drinking it ever since!!


After years of suffering with acid reflux and effects of caffeine I discovered a cure.Your Teccino drink is a gift.I have tried three flavors and enjoy all of them.We even shipped a 5lb. bag ahead to our vacation destination so that we would have it for our entire stay.We have had friends try it and many friends are now planning to order their own.I also take a container filled to the brim with Teccino to work with me so that I can have it every morning.Thanks for a fantastic, healthy product!My acid reflux made me sickTeccino cured me really quick…it immediately did the trick!The burning feeling wasn’t funTeccino sent my discomfort on the run…..

I didn't discover I loved coffee until I was in my 40's. That's when the love affair started and I was quickly up to 2 cups a day. Regular in the morning and decaf in the afternoon. I was hooked. Very quickly my body began telling me this wasn't a great idea. I developed acid reflux issues that became very painful and uncomfortable. I weaned myself off coffee but really missed that warm cup of something. That's when I did an internet search and found Teeccino. I ordered my first bag of Almond Ameretto Teeccino and instantly fell in love. It's a wonderful coffee replacement, and dare I say even better tasting! I'm happily hooked on Teecino. Thanks for the fantastic beverage that warms my belly and my soul!


Teeccino has been a game changer in my morning routine. I love coffee so much and had to stop consuming it because it gave me acid reflux every time. It wasn’t until I tried teeccino that I was able to enjoy coffee again without suffering the consequences. Better yet, teeccino dandelion tea blends have added bonus benefits that aid in better digestion. It’s a win win product for my tastes buds and my gut! Thank you for making these magical coffee alternative blends ❤️

I’m so glad to have found Teeccino. I don’t enjoy my coffee without milk so after trying to go dairy free I was missing a satisfying hot morning beverage. I’m not a black tea drinker and herbal teas can’t replace my coffee habit. I avoid coffee now when having reflux issues and can enjoy a Teeccino without milk instead. It’s not the same but still satisfies.

No More Tummy Troubles

Prior to even finding Teeccino I was drinking regular coffee religiously. It was almost four years ago when the effects of the acid from coffee caused me some serious gut issues and pain. I started searching high and low for a replacement, but wasn't ready to give up my coffee addiction (I love the flavor of coffee). After a while Google because my bestfriend and I would search high and love for a coffee alternative because I refused to switch over to tea. That's when I found Teeccino. I researched a few videos, read some reviews and took a chance on a few samples. I read how Teeccino is actually a chicory tea that's great for gut health and it doesn't give me the after effects that coffee does. I couldn't have been more excited to make the switch. Now that Teeccino is a daily part of my life I don't have any more issues with my stomach and I'm still able to enjoy that bold coffee flavor. Plus I haven't tried a flavor i don't like. I'm really happy I found you Teeccino.

No more stomach ulcer!

My husband started having some severe stomach issues a few months ago that just would not go away! He was an avid coffee drinker at the time and had been his whole life so the thought of giving that up was pretty devastating. In an attempt to wean him off coffee we tried a few different coffee substitutes and finally landed on Teeccino. He loves it! We didn’t even have to blend with coffee at first! He’s been off coffee for a solid three months now with now stomach issues *happy dance* and still gets to enjoy his favorite warm beverage! Thanks Teeccino!

Thrilled to discover Teecino!

We come from a city that loves coffee. Our relationship started with hours of dreaming and drinking Cafe au Lait at Cafe' du Monde until the wee hours of the morning. We continued to share precious moments over cups of coffee for 40 years until Barrett's Syndrome showed up on our doorstep to put an end to our tradition. We could live without the citrus, tomatoes and condiments, but were heartbroken to give up the comfort of our steaming cups of coffee! We were thrilled to discover Teecino! We brew the 5 lb. bags of Teecino at home and always carry a few single pouches with us when we're out and about. Teecino has allowed us to hold on to a very simple pleasure that we took for granted!


I was so upset when I was told I had gastritis and I knew I needed to stop all decalf coffee and all regular coffee because it hurt my stomach among other things , and I loved my morning cup of coffee . I found Teecinno chocolate mint and tried it and feel in love with it . There is no going back to any coffee for me , my gastritis seems to be cured but I will continue to drink Teeccino for the rest of my life please continue making your wonderful product !!

Thankful for my “chicory coffee” and Teeccino

About 2 years ago I began to have reflux and ulcer pain. After a couple of procedures to determine I had gastric ulcers, my doctor told me to drop the caffeine. UGH...no coffee? How would I function?Well as it turns out with some research into chicory, I stumbled over Teeccino.I was sold! It was so nice to have a hot cup of "coffee" without having terrible stomach pains and all of the problems that go with it.I tell all my friends about Teeccino and now I even am an Ambassador. I recently went to a friend and Family gathering and was able to share my samples. I had at least 10 people tell me how happy they were to see this product. We shared stories about how soothing and happy it was to drinkI try to inform people of the options available. Many people are hesitant but once they try it, they dont look back.thank you again

Great Taste and Good Health in a cup

After a good night's sleep with less acid reflux from drinking delicious Teccino coffee, it is shear joy to start each day with a different great flavor of my selected favorite Teccino coffees. Thank you, Teccino for great taste and good health in a cup.

Grateful to drink coffee again with no pain!

I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome) about 4 yrs ago and irritable bowel syndrome. Coffee was my go to drink. My doctors said no more caffeine. I did drink some decaf but regular decaf coffee still flared my IC. Just by chance my neighbor and great friend (who uses more natural foods, drinks, medicine) gave me a small bag of the teeccino vanilla nut coffee for Christmas. WOW! I do not even know where to start. First, the smell is AMAZING. As soon as I opened the bag, the aroma was breathtaking. I wish I could have walked around just smelling like that all day. Secondly, the taste is so beautiful. It was lightly sweet and creamy and was NOT bitter at all. I could taste all the beautiful herbs that suit the coffee perfectly. And lastly, it does NOT flare either of my health problems. Teeccino coffee is the only coffee I will drink now. I highly recommend this coffee. In fact, I tell all my friends with similar issues to pursue this brand.

Grateful Drinker

Im so grateful to have found a coffee substitute like Teeccino herbal coffee's Being a heavy coffee drinker (2 pots a day) took a toll on my stomach and after a while I no longer could drink coffee due to the acid ate the lining in my stomach. I searched and tried every coffee substitute out here and was very unhappy about the taste of every single one, finally!!! finding Teeccino and trying it, I have never missed coffee again from the day my order arrived and I made a pot of Teeccino coffee. I was a hard core coffee drinker and I never thought I would be satisfied without it and now I don't even miss it. That's why Im grateful for Teeccino coffee.

A Grateful Alternative

A few months ago after having an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with acid reflux disease. I also had a pre-cancerous lesion removed from the area where my Esophagus and stomach meet.So, this got my attention! I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for many years. I only drank tea when I was sick with a cold. I also thought that I could be the lucky one out of my family and escape this disease.As soon as I got the results of my test, I started doing some research. I also started looking for alternatives to drinking coffee. I try to eat as clean a diet as possible. So I looked carefully at the ingredients of coffee substitutes.When I found Teeccino, I thought that this was the solution and that I could at least enjoy a beverage in the morning or whenever I felt hungry or my energy was low; to give me pleasure and comfort.I had started drinking diluted coffee, as a transition. When I switched to Teeccino, I actually quit regular coffee in two days!I’m thrilled with Teeccino; from the standpoint of taste, how it makes my body feel, convenience, and the price on their website is excellent! Whether it’s the teabags or ground coffee; the taste and quality are wonderful! I am now officially a tea drinker! Never thought I’d say that before!I also appreciate the message from the company founder. I feel she gets it!I’ve only found Teeccino at my local Wegman's, but I find the value and rewards are much better, by ordering on their website teeccino.com.Thank you so much!

When coffee roughs you up, put Teeccino in your cup!

I have lived with acid reflux and a host of accompanying stomach issues for a long, long time...in my teens and 20s I hardly paid any attention to it, but was always embarrassed when my bloated stomach was impossible to hide. Predictably, as I got older, things got progressively worse. Not only was the bloating and heartburn impossible to ignore, but I started to notice that my throat felt raw after drinking coffee, which had been an on-and-off (mostly on) staple in my daily routine for years. For awhile I would either stop drinking coffee, limit myself to a cup per day (or less), or switch to tea, but inevitably I always came back. After a particularly bad weekend in which my throat stayed raw for several days after my last cup, I finally decided that I ought to look for an alternative. Thankfully, I found Teeccino relatively quickly - thanks, internet! - and tried a sampler pack right away. At first I was concerned because I wasn't sure that my throat felt any better after drinking my first few cups, but after a week or two I noticed that I was in pretty good shape. The variety of flavors, the option to put grounds in the coffee maker or use tea bags (which is great for work), and the relatively speedy delivery have all been good, but the best news of all is that the stuff tastes pretty great. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it tastes "just like coffee", but when black tea just isn't doing it for you, Teeccino has multiple options that can fill that gap in your life. My acid reflux and stomach issues aren't magically gone or healed, but I can affirmatively cross off coffee from the list of contributors. I'm glad I found Teeccino, I'm glad it is what it says it is, and I'm glad that my shopping experience on the website and with customer service has been very pleasant. I rarely take the time to do things like this (fill out testimonials online, or otherwise provide positive feedback on stuff I use and like), so I hope it connects. Finally, I would love to see Teeccino at my local grocery store - hopefully something like that can be in the works!