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No more caffeine!

My doctors told me to cut out caffeine. You can imagine how devistated I was considering I lived off of coffee!But when one of my health care professionals said there was a “tea” that tasted a lot like coffee, I thought I would give it a try. I at first blended it with coffee, then with decaf coffee, and finally just drink it on its own. I have been essentially caffeine free for over one year. I LOVE Teeccino! The health benefits and all the flavors and options, gluten free too, are great to pick from, depending on my mood too!I feel great without caffeine and drink Teeccino 1-2 times per day. I make it strong in a French press or pour over (tastes better than the tee-bags to me) and mix with some foamed almond milk. Yummy!Thanks Teeccino for your great and healthy product, I’m hooked!

Finally an ideal coffee substitute!

I am a chiropractor and holistic health professional. I enjoy various herbal teas, and I am always on the lookout for good teas for myself and my patients, even better if they are caffeine-free. I also like to add tea to patient diets for digestion, dieting, sleep, calm and the like.I ran into Teeccino teas in a large local health food store, and tried the Dark Dandelion Roast, Vanilla, Dandelion Caramel Nut and Hazelnut. I love them especially the Dandelion Caramel Nut!! I had recently looked for my favorite Dandelion Caramel Nut tea, and the company stopped making it. So this was a great find!I enjoy Teeccino teas on a regular basis, and use the Dandelion teas during my twice-yearly 10-day fasts, to cleanse my body. Teeccino teas make a nice change up from my fasting drink and water.I ended up buying these teas in bulk for myself and my patients, because they are satisfying, and a valuable addition to any diet. Try it for yourself and see!

Healthy Alternative to Coffee

I recently attended the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in Florida and it was strongly recommended that I eliminate coffee from my diet. I had been mostly using coffee for its performance enhancing effects for my triathlon training and races. At HHI I discovered the Teeccino tea bags so I tried one and it was really good! Upon my return I ordered the grounds and tea bags sampler packs so I could try them all and see how they tasted, what I liked the best and if I could really give up coffee. I'm super excited that the flavor and energy I get from these products are amazing, and I don't get the jitters I used to get from coffee.


I am a registered dietitian and love Teeccino. I recommend it to all my clients. Thank you for a great product.

No acid or caffeine in this delicious beverage!

I was so grateful to learn about the Teeccino teas. I was looking for a coffee substitute about 3 years ago & someone turned me onto teecino. What a gift! No more jittery or upset stomach & the taste was delicious. I enjoy several of the different flavors offered. Now I share Teecino with my clients, family & friends.


My Cardiologist has been wanting me off coffee for years now. He finally got me to give into giving up my mug each morning and he suggested Teeccino. I have no idea why I waited so long. I LOVE this stuff. I just can't figure out which flavor I like best. I never went through the caffeine withdrawals either. Yes, I recommend to everyone.


I just wanted to share with you that I was pleasantly surprised with your Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee. I've been drinking coffee for years however the acid in the coffee wasn't agreeing with me. So‚ I was in search of a decaf coffee that had health benefits and came across your product. I bought a can thinking I'd only have it a few times but I fell in love. I enjoy the taste‚ smell‚ and health factors. The full bodied taste with the nutty aroma is so nice.

Cheryl Watson

I'm glad you've come out with Tee-Bags. When traveling‚ it's often difficult for me to have my cup of Teeccino! I've been a user of our product since 2007 when my Acupuncturist suggested I leave coffee and caffeine alone.

Tina Jones

Since discovering Teeccino‚ I have once again fallen in love with that coffee flavor I thought I had to give up. I also shared it with all my friends at work and they agree that it is GREAT! A nutritionist first introduced me to Teeccino and when I read the ingredients I just had to try it. I think everyone who tries Teeccino will fall in love with it.

Frederic Patenaude

My 14 years of experience working in the natural health and raw food fields have shown me that one of the most important steps someone can take to improve their health is to be caffeine-free. Yet‚ let's be honest‚ while living in a coffee culture‚ we all miss the great taste of coffee. Fortunately‚ Teeccino exists! Before Teeccino‚ the only coffee substitutes were poor ersatz for the real thing. Ever since Teeccino came out‚ I've been recommending it to my readers as the ONLY coffee replacement to use. It not only tastes great‚ but also is super-healthy and coffee-culture friendly. I personally used it to get off coffee‚ and rave about the new flavors Teeccino puts out on a regular basis.


I am so very happy to have stumbled upon this delicious coffee alternative. I am an RN and started my coffee habits when I was 19 and working crazy shifts. Well 32 years later I have slowly weaned my self from coffee to maybe 3 -4 cups a day‚ but it is was really hard to find anything to replace the warmth and comfort of coffee as well as the perceived kick it gave me. Well over the last several months I have been trying to improve my overall health and nutrition and have adopted a nutritarian/vegan lifestyle and in doing so I found teeccino and what an absolute suprise to find this aromatic‚ well tasting non caffeinated drink that in my opinion is far superior to the drive by and walk in coffee stores that everyone clamors to. It is my wish that when offered a warm beverage instead of saying coffee or tea‚ it should be coffee‚ teeccino or tea? Thank you much for this product.


Since my days as a college student I was always known as Mr. Coffee I just could never get enough of coffee and the high it seemed to give me. As I became older and started working 12hr shifts in the hospital (critical care nurse) my coffee habit grew stronger. The large amounts of caffeine began to take its toll on me as I started to suffer from insomnia‚ recurrent infections‚ blood sugar instabilities‚ mood swings‚ and the list goes on. My love affair with coffee was just too much to give up. It took several attempts but I have finally kicked the habit and I have Teeccino to thank for that. Now my energy levels are stable‚ I sleep better‚ and I no longer suffer from headaches. As a health care professional‚ I would recommend Teeccino to anyone that is wanting to give up the bean and improve their health. Without your health you have nothing. God Bless‚ Tracey RN

Patricia Magyar

Hi!! I was never a super big coffee drinker because the caffiene gives me the gitters. I do however‚ love the taste‚ so decaf was the choice for me. I do my best to keep away from unhealthy products‚ and I've tried many coffee alternatives. Teeccino is my all time favorite! The blends are pretty ingenious to say the least. I have recently self published a book about my nutritional/healing journey and have included a plug for this yummy beverage!I recommend it to all of my clients! That's how much I like it! Thanks Teeccino for being my favorite coffee alternative!


I grew up thinking I would never drink coffee like my parents do because I couldn't stand the taste. However‚ through college I began to drink it not only to keep me awake but to keep my appetite at bay. I was in school full-time and working 2 part-time jobs. I didn't have time to really sit down and eat. I was also burning out from all the running around and drinking copious amounts of coffee- caffeinated or not. I loved the flavors of coffee but hated the effects of the caffeine. Several years later I decided I was done with caffeine and it's awful effects on my digestive system and adrenal glands. Teeccino not only helped me kick the caffeine but restored healthy gut flora. I now recommend Teeccino to all my clients and fellow runners I coach!

Dr. Karen Kan

As a fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue expert‚ I know it's important to get my patients off the acidic and adrenal-draining effects of coffee. Many are also gluten-sensitive. I highly recommend the Barley-Free Teeccino as a great way to gradually replace coffee and also to enjoy a healthy after-dinner sweet. Thanks for this great product. Dr. Karen Kan www.KarenKan.com


Hello fellow Teechino lovers & Ambassadors! I was privilege to have Teeccino's support for a tasting for the whole class of 2nd & 3rd year students at Homepathic Academy of Southern California‚ this last weekend! We have 8 hour days with two breaks...where Teeccino was the *STAR*!! No one had tasted Teeccino until that day (except moi!) and there was so much buzzzz about it that I received an email from the Director of the school thanking me for introducing everyone to Teeccino! I'm proud to say I answered many questions from my fellow future health professionals about nutrition (BIG thumbs up for the alkalizing properties) and the taste spoke for itself! So‚ in addition to liking it as a personal new beverage‚ I'm pleased to announce a whole new generation of homepaths will be recommending Teechino to their clients! Thank you‚ Teeccino!

Andrea Christenson

Managing Director

I have been an avid coffee lover for years. A bit of cream and honey in that hot cup (well‚ more like 3 cups) of java to greet the morning‚ what could be better? I am a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I know the adverse effects that caffeine has on our bodies and minds‚ but did not want to see it for myself. One day I Googled naturally caffeine free drinks that taste like coffee and that's how I found Teeccino. I ordered a sample pack and switched to decaf coffee to taper off caffeine until the Teeccino arrived. Teeccino is a miracle! I don't miss the caffeine at all. Most of all I still get the same warm‚ cozy feeling when I settle in for that morning greeting. I also wanted to cut back on the sweets and have been able to delete the honey! The flavor of Teecino is incredible! Thank you sooooo much for your ingenuity! I love the fact that your offer single serve packets so I can have it anywhere. Ever so gratefully yours‚ Andrea Christenson RN‚LMT

Carleen O'Boyle

It all started with my hypothyroidism. Traditional medicines weren't working so‚ I decided to do my own research. I found a Dr. that understood everything I was thinking‚ feeling and going through on a day to day basis. I was told to avoid caffeine‚ meat and alcohol for 20 days‚ to start. I could not imagine going without my daily dose of morning caffeine. The Dr. recommended Teeccino and I bought it. The flavors are wonderful and‚ much to my surprise‚ I do not crave the caffeine. I am not as hungry in the morning as I was when drinking regular coffee. I recommend this brand to everyone willing to give up caffeine.

Dawn Hamilton

Hi Teecino! I posted this on my blog‚ ready to launch next week. I'm a coach for empaths/highly sensitive people. Here is part of it......Empaths are extremely susceptible to many external influences: other people's feelings‚ vibrations from nature‚ planetary energy - has anyone ever gotten a good night's sleep under a full moon? - pesticides & other environmental toxins. Because of this‚ empaths need to be mindful of what goes into our bodies. Processed foods are not good for any human‚ but can be really disruptive for empaths. Again‚ a topic for another day. I want to focus on a natural plant that is over processed and over used in our society today: coffee. Because of our highly sensitive nervous systems‚ coffee is overly stimulating for our sensitive energies. I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite products that are caffeine free‚ but taste delicious. I love Teecino‚ a roasted herbal drink that brews just like your regular joe and tastes fantastic! No‚ it doesn't taste just like coffee‚ but has its own delightful aroma and flavor‚ is very enjoyable and is my go to hot drink in the morning. Teecino comes in different gourmet flavors and is made from roasted nuts‚ herbs and chicory or even dandelion root (the mocha dandelion is scrumptious). Unlike coffee‚ it is not acidic for the body and gives you a natural energy boost when you wake up or even in the afternoon or evening. The woman who invented the brew‚ Caroline MacDougall‚ spent her early years at Celestial Seasonings‚ developing those wonderful teas those of us of a certain age grew up on….She is a dedicated environmentalist concerned about the plight of the world's rain forests and fair trade practices. So‚ you can care for body‚ heart and the earth when you drink a cup! Talk about a win-win!! For more on Teecino and its health benefits‚ click here: https://teeccino.com/about/36/Teeccino-Health-Benefits.htm As I said this will launch on my new website next week. Thrilled Teecino is one of my first product recommendations!