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Kicked my Caffeine Habit to Conceive!

My husband and I were trying to have children for 6+ months and had no success, and I couldn’t figure out why! After doing some research, I realized that caffeine was likely negatively impacting my fertility. After drinking coffee for 12 years, the thought of quitting was soooo hard. Enter Teeccino. I was able to keep my delicious, warm cup in my hand every morning, and without my regular caffeine habit, I conceived in July and just welcomed my beautiful baby girl in March! So grateful for this delicious drink!

Kristi Alward

I love teeccino! Being pregnant and nursing these are wonderful!! They do not affect nursing by making the baby anxious with caffeine. And when I am pregnant they do not give a hyperness like coffee‚ but just one cup in the A.M. gives me such a nice energy boost and a regular B.M. for with pregnancy comes constipation. Teeccino is great for mamas!! Thank you so much for all the great flavors.. My opinion is Vanilla is the BEST! Kristi


Laramie‚ NY

I really love your products. I can drink it while pregnant/nursing without concern on caffeine. It also doesn't upset my stomach like coffee‚ which has given me a lot of problems in the past. THANK YOU and YUM!

Lenore Wang

The first time i tried Teeccino I wanted to avoid caffeine during pregnancy--by mixing half Teeccino with my coffee‚ I was fully weaned in 2 weeks! After my son was born‚ I began drinking coffee again‚ thinking of Teeccino as only a weaning device. Now I want to be as healthy as I can and have rediscoverd Teeccino with gustatory joy! To enhance healthfulness and the already wondrous flavor‚ I sometimes mix in dried ginger root‚ cardamon‚ and cinnamon. I use the tee-bags at work with result of an inspiring pick-me-up after 3. Teeccino has enhanced my health and spirit‚ making the absence of caffeine negligible. I am eternally grateful to a company and person who care so much about the quality of their product. I spread the word when I can. Kudos!


I am so thankful for Teecino! These products have enabled me to completely cut out all caffeine. I first found this product 5 years or so ago and have been drinking it regularly since then. Because of your products I have been able to enjoy coffee during pregnancy and nursing 3 babies without worrying what is going into their bodies. I love the taste of Teeccino so much that I now prefer it to coffee anyday! I also appreciate that it helps keep me regular‚ which has been a problem for me pregnant or not for my entire life. As long as I drink Teeccino every morning‚ I stay regular. I have tested this by not drinking my 2 cups in the morning and sure enough‚ things don't move like they should. Thank you for this superior product!

Natalie Quimby

My husband got me hooked on espresso with a caramel macchiato creamer...then I got pregnant. After drinking not much more than water for 9 months I was looking forward to that creamy warm treat...but then I was nursing. I would splurge every now and then but could see the effects of the caffeine in my 3 month old's actions - arms and legs going non-stop. It wasn't the caffeine that I needed so teas were good but couldn't satisfy the thicker creamy flavor that I craved...then I found Teeccino! I tried both sampler packs and enjoyed all of them and while they taste fine alone‚ I prefer it with my favorite creamer. Thanks for creating this delicious and safe drink 🙂


I'm a huge coffee lover and could easily drink an entire pot by myself. However when I'm pregnant I give up caffeine. With my first child‚ I just went without coffee but desperately craved it. When I got pregnant again‚ I decided to see what I could do about those cravings. I found Teeccino! I love that I can still have my hot morning coffee or even an afternoon iced coffee. It looks and smells like the real thing. And although it doesn't taste exactly like a cup of Folgers it is really delicious. I had my baby girl in July and I'm still drinking Teeccino.

Erin King

I recently discovered Teeccino and fell in love! I enjoy it now‚ but we're trying to get pregnant and I'm really looking forward to having a coffee to drink that won't harm the baby and will still satisfy my cravings! Thanks!

Katya Dahmen

My first introduction into the world of Teeccino was a few years ago. I was going to the nearest store to buy groceries. There a few Teeccino representatives were giving away samples. I decided to take 2 but for my pregnant friend (since she was not allowed to consume cafeinated drinks). I brewed the coffee for her‚ and we shared. Well‚ since then my coffee is under the brand Teeccino! And how grateful I am that they offer such a variety! I love them all!


I am very new to Teeccino. I was a little skeptical at first‚ being a long time coffee lover. I was happy to find some varieties available made without almonds. I made my first cup with a French press‚ second in the coffee maker‚ and third in a tea infuser.. Juts like my regular tea or coffee. I was surprised at the bold flavor and substance that the Teeccino had. I am also excited that this is a delicious and safe alternative for myself and other mothers through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Thank you Teeccino! My cup-a- joe has met it's match!

Bethany Kingsley

I switched to Teeccino‚ when I was trying to cut out caffeine to improve chances of conceiving. I'm happy to say‚ that I now have a two-year old‚ and still love Teeccino! I feel better when I have at least a cup a day. I also love the free shipping with the sample packs! Those packets are perfect for making 6 cups of Teeccino! Teeccino also helped some of the baby weight disappear‚ and it was safe to drink‚ while nursing. I Love Teeccino!

Parul Shah

I am truly hooked. I am trying to cut out coffee/ caffeine because my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I am one of those serious coffee drinkers who carves out at least an hour each day in the morning even on work days to drink a few cups and have been trying to recreate that taste without the caffeine. I was skeptical when I googled caffeine free coffee because most things that claim they are free are actually not. Plus I was weary of the taste. I went out and bought two bags of the hazelnut flavor and brewed a cup today. I was soooooooo pleased I can't stop talking about it to my husband who is now also relieved that we can stop the research on finding tasty caffeine free coffee for me. Thanks so much for making my coffee dreams come true!! I may drink this forever now and never turn back!


I stopped drinking coffee and non herbal tea when I was trying to have children and all through nursing my two beautiful kids. After I was no longer nursing‚ the smell of my husband's coffee enticed me to drink a cup again. The acidity bothered me even though it never had before. I was deisring a stronger drink that would not bother me in that way and found teeccino im my local Green Grocer. It was great‚ and not only to I enjoy my full bodied drink (both warm and cold by the way) my kids just love it too. My son likes half almond milk half teeccino more than he lokes hot chocolate! It's so wonderful to have an alternative to traditional teas when I want something with more substance and I love that I don't have to think about what time of day it is before I drink worring that it will keep me awake at night. Teeccino is a great product with a lot of great flavors. I purchased more flavors and a large bag online since my local store only has a limited line in stock.

Melissa Carr

I used to be an avid coffee drinker! I would have 2 cups before work and a few stops at the coffee shop during the day. Aug. 31st‚ 2009 was the last morning I was able to drink my cup of coffee. It was in the morning before work. At my first sip‚ I started to feel nauseous. Later that afternoon I found out the I was pregnant! How exciting:) But‚ bummer on the coffee 🙁 I knew it was because of the acid‚ and plus‚ I didn't want my unborn child to be filled with caffeine! I felt as if my mornings wouldn't be the same until I found Teeccino Java Medium Roast. Not exactly the same‚ but a healthy alternative that I was willing to try. To my surprise it was WONDERFUL! I was so excited to know that I could have my warm roasted drink anytime without harming my baby. Now my daughter is 1 month old‚ healthy and not hooked on caffeine. I am choosing to breastfeed her‚ which still puts me in the no caffeine group‚ but that is okay because I have Teeccino Java to enjoy without the harmful effects of the caffeine or acid that coffee has. Thank you soooo much Teeccino for such a delicious product! I have a huge smile every morning thanks to you!!