Category: Quitting Coffee with Teeccino


I don’t miss coffee one bit!

My husband and I embarked on a weight loss/health journey and part of the process was a full detox. No coffee!?! How was I going to function? I found Teeccino and tried the Dandelion Caramel Nut first - I was in heaven! The taste was sweet and smooth and creamy just as advertised, and exactly how I drank my coffee - with cream and sugar. Now just a little half and half is all I need to enjoy this wonderful morning cup of bliss. I do not miss coffee at all. My heartburn is gone, and I love that there are many healthful benefits added from drinking Teeccino too. Thank you so much for your wonderful product! I will be trying other blends and roasts for sure.

I couldn’t be happier!

My experience with Teeccino began as a result of participating in a body cleanse and realizing I would need to wean off of coffee for the 10-day experiment. I was very concerned as I have been a two cup a day coffee drinker and lover for most of my life. I discovered this alternative and much to my surprise have continued enjoying it long after the cleanse had finished. Not only that but I have turned my parents on to all of the flavors as well since they enjoy coffee late at night and caffeine affects their sleep. They enjoy it with cream and sugar but I enjoy it with just hot water. So, this became a family favorite because of a cleanse only intended for me and for a brief period of time. We are now hooked to our nightly ritual. Thank you.


I’m so happy I did this!

I've been trying to cut down on my coffee drinking, I'm a substitute teacher and I need to be wide awake to get to my job assignments early in the morning. I'd arrive at work wide awake, but jittery. This was no good, you need patience when your'e managing 30 fourth graders. So i decided to see if I could decaffeinate - gradually and painlessly.I looked around my local health food store and picked up some Mocha Teeccino. The cashier said she mixed coffee with the Teeccino and slowly decreased the amount of coffee. I tried it and in two weeks I was enjoying my morning "coffee" made with 100% Teeccino. And best of all I got the full satisfaction of drinking something absolutely delicious and centering- so I could get into the classroom and be calm. Thanks Teeccino!

Love Teeccino!!

My granddaughter and I have been enjoying Teeccino for a long time now. We especially love the Dandelion flavors since they are gluten free and both of us have a problem with gluten. The acid and caffeine in regular coffee also is a problem with me and with Teeccino being acid and caffeine free, that makes Teeccino an even greater product for those who love coffee but not the acid or caffeine effects of coffee. I would love to share also how I make a coffee shop cup of coffee. I brew my Teeccino and then put it in my Vitamix blender and add some natural sweetener and some half and half milk and then blend for about 20 seconds. This gives me a great cup of Teeccino "coffee shop coffee" with form and all!! Tastes great and it is the one thing I look forward to every morning!! Thank you Teeccino for making such a great product!!

Quit Coffee & No Looking Back!

I thought that I could never break from the bonds of coffee until I stumbled upon Teeccino! This delicious hot beverage has changed my life and my guts for the better! I was addicted to coffee and it was NOT helping my health. My kidneys and adrenal glands were shot and I couldn't sleep well at night. Since I've began drinking Teeccino instead of coffee I am finally sleeping all night! The best part of it all is that I LOVE the taste of teeccino. My favorite flavors are the Dandelion Dark Roast, Coconut, and Vanilla nut. They are bold and the perfect amount of flavor for my morning brew! Just add cream and sugar and enjoy! Thank you for making a delicious healthy coffee alternative that is very beneficial to my immune system. It also gives the added benefit of Inulin which promotes healthy guts, something that is a plus to this girl!! Can't wait to try more flavors!

Bold and satisfactory like coffee!

Ahhh! It is wonderful to have something as rich and bold as coffee to satisfy cravings without the harsh side affects on my digestive system. I am in love with Teeccino! Such a great creation from that dream of yours! Thank you for sharing. I even enjoy it as a substitute for sugar loaded Boba drinks. . . add some cold frothed milk, coconut sugar and pearls. Wa-la! Such a yummy alternative that is good for my body.

Ex coffee drinker

After I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, I had to give up caffeine. I tried many coffee substitutes and Teeccino was, hands down, the absolute best. Vanilla nut is my favorite flavor. I add a little almond milk and stevia. Thanks for a great product!

Slowly Falling in LOVE!

It has been a difficult transition to end my romance with coffee yet I finally tried French Roast and although I do enjoy the other flavors this is by far the closest to coffee that I have tasted. It is actually smoother and doesn't have the acidic bite that my stomach better tolerates! So there you have it! It was a slow start, however, they say the longer lasting relationships are the ones where you become friends at first!!!