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Support for a gluten-free, caffeine-free lifestyle

Some time ago I noticed Teeccino in my local grocery co-op and upon visiting the website was delighted to learn gluten-free products were available. I ordered the variety sampler and happily tried most of them and gifted a few to friends. I now keep a stash of my favorites at home and make my own sampler for travel. It's been wonderful to enjoy a beverage that supports my caffeine-free and gluten-free lifestyle. Thanks for creating this fabulous option. I encourage everyone to purchase the sampler packs and discover their favorites.

Healthy and delicious drink

Having an autoimmune disease and being told to cut out certain foods has made it difficult at times to enjoy eating. Having to curtail caffeine was also recommended. I like herbal teas, but not all the time! Teccinno was a win win for me. It comes in gluten free varieties which is actually healthy. It is made from dandelion root which is a natural prebiotic, which in turn is good for my leaky gut from my autoimmune disease! The teccinno In teabags are my favorite and all the flavors are delicious!


Great product

I have been looking for a long time trying to find something that mimics coffee but without the caffeine and the negative effects on my stomach. I have found the perfect product in your Teeccino Dandelion Dark Roast Organic. It has a smooth coffee like flavor that satisfies my morning craving and yet I can drink it at all hours of the day.Great product and thank you!Michael

I can still have my happy drink!

I have had to avoid coffee due to high amount of acid in it plus needed gluten free & missed coffee so much! BUT then, though I was a skeptic at first, I tried Teeccino gluten free dandelion/chicory & it actually tastes pretty good & satisfies that coffee craving with something healthy. It actually does give me an energy boost too! I don't want a morning without i! LOVE it!

Rose Maduro

Teeccino is a God-send. I grew up on organic coffee in Dominica since I was a little girl. For the last two decades‚ I'd been trying to kick the caffeine habit of one‚ two‚ sometimes three cups of coffee a day. I ordered Teeccino‚ because it was highly recommended by an herbalist whose detox program I used. The first time I drank Teeccino I was blown away by the aroma and taste and equally blown away by the ingredients! Coffee is not in the same league. I've since incorporated the beverage with my changed diet now gluten-free‚ mostly raw foods. I've also made it my mission to help others kick the coffee/caffeine habit by sending them the Sampler. I believe we can all help one another drink our way to good health‚ one cup of Teeccino at a time. That may sound like a cliche‚ but I'm convinced!

Victor Humphrey

I tried my first cup of Teeccino Hazelnut‚ and was pleasantly surprised it was not flat tasting like other barley‚ carob & chicory root beverages I have tried. It really tastes like coffee. As for caffeine or mateine of other beverages‚ i can do without that‚ as I have recently learned in my Health class from Living University Online that anything which affects cortisol and GABA in my body is going to agitate my gluten and casein allergies as well. Caffeine can exhaust the adrenaline and thyroid gland operations‚ so I will wean myself away from decaf and caffeine finally by switching to Teeccino. The switch should also reduce my recent problems with IBS too! Thank you everyone at Teeccino.com for all the great health info and a fine product! 🙂

Sharon Kramer

I was so happy to find a coffee alternative. I cannot have gluten‚ dairy‚ sugar‚ or honey. A new natural grocery store opened here a couple of weeks ago and carries your coffee. I tried it and like it very much. Thank you for a new alternative to coffee.

Monica Curran

As long as I can remember I have been gluten sensitive. I love coffee and when my friend told me about Teeccino *coffee* last week‚ I went to your website and purchased the sampler. I have to say the coffee's I have had so far‚ Java and Hazelnut‚ are delicious. Since drinking these coffee's I no longer have acid reflux either. This is an amazing *coffee* and I have been telling my family and friends about your company.

Elaine Barnhart

I do not drink coffee because the caffeine makes me hyper and I don't like the bitter taste‚ so I drink tea. Everyone likes a change every now and then so I also would drink postum which they don't make anymore. Then I found a chicory drink that resembled coffee but it had gluten. So you can imagine how elated I was after all these years when I found Teeccino-a healthy drink that tastes so good with my coconut creamer and I am comforted once again. Thank you so much!

Jean Coffman

I found out a year and a half ago that I am gluten sensitive‚ though I suspected it for a year before that. Going off all gluten-containing items‚ especially wheat‚ got rid of all my symptoms. I also was concerned about the barley in Teeccino‚ but when I read the information on Teeccino's website about there being no detectable gluten in brewed Teeccino‚ it put my mind at ease. Also being highly sensitive to caffeine‚ I had no other options. It was Teeccino or nothing! I have no symptoms whatsoever with drinking the Hazelnut‚ French Vanilla and French Roast flavors‚ which makes me very happy. I can continue to enjoy my Teeccino every day now‚ to which I add coconut milk for a very yummy treat.

Rena Saulie

I started drinking regular Teeccino several years ago to replace coffee for health reasons. I really enjoyed it and developed a taste for it‚ however I noticed some tummy discomfort after drinking it. I finally put two and two together and came to the realization that it could be a gluten issue. I was excited when the became available. I promptly placed my order. Now to put it to the test to see if I reacted the same or different without the gluten and guess what???...no problems!!! Yeah!!! Welcome back to the brewer Teeccino! I also have discovered that I prefer the flavor of this blend more than all the others! Thanks Teeccino for being on top of your game and taking care of the Gluten-Free crowd!

Nancy M

I am gluten intolerant. Not the 'I avoid it when convenient' kind of intolerant. The kind of intolerant where people hate to go to restaurants with me and listen to the list of questions of how things were prepared before I dare put anything in my mouth. The 'I would rather go hungry than be sick for three weeks' kind of intolerant. So‚ when I decided to cut down on coffee and switch to an alternative‚ I looked carefully. Many substitutes aren't gluten free. The ELISA testing from Teeccino gave me the courage to try it. Not only do I love the flavor as a coffee alternative‚ or love mixing it with coffee‚ I can drink it without worry. Now‚ if I see some of the grounds spilled into the brew‚ I will throw it out and start over‚ as I am just that careful. But‚ after drinking Teeccino for several years now‚ I have never had a reaction and have no worries about enjoying it daily.

Kathryn Sorrentino

As a Certified Health Coach my clients (and some friends too) are addicted to coffee for many different reasons. Throughout our time together it always comes up that maybe they should find another alternative to stop drinking coffee due to gluten intolerance or adrenal damage and I always recommend they try Teeccino and I have not had any complaints yet! Not only does it taste great‚ there are many options to choose from.

Connie D

I learned I was gluten intolerant 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 47. In addition to eliminating gluten‚ I cut the caffeine from my diet. Teeccino beverages have been a part of my morning ever since! In the evening‚ a flavored Teeccino like Amaretto with a little almond milk and xylitol make a perfect dessert drink. Today‚ my bones are strong - no osteoporosis!

Kathi Roisen

After years of enjoying coffee‚ it begin to disagree with me. I was in denial for quite some time and the thought of giving it up was...well...pretty much unbearable! The rituals around drinking coffee in the morning were entrenched too: the newspaper‚ the crossword‚ the Ken-Ken‚ the wonderful aroma. Around this same time I got the stark news that I would need to be on a strictly gluten-free diet. Another blow to this foodie! Embarking on a new diet was so unpleasant initially‚ all I felt was deprived. Until one magical day‚ when I attended the Gluten Free Expo in South San Francisco‚ and had the good fortune of stepping up to the Teeccino booth. I was very skeptical at first. As I reluctantly sipped from a small paper cup‚ the flavor exploded in my mouth! It was smooth‚ it was fragrant‚ it was heaven. Teeccino gave me my morning ritual back. I love the taste and have now tried about 4 different flavors. Vanilla and Hazelnut are my favorite. I now order about 5 bags of ground Teeccino at a time. Thank you Teeccino!

Ellen Sullivan

Wow‚ this stuff is great! I'm gluten sensitive and the doctor told me to drink only organic coffee. I found something even better. Teeccino! There's no caffeine so I don't get all revved up‚ and it's organic. It tastes fabulous; much better than coffee‚ and I don't even have to add stevia to sweeten it. It already tastes great just the way it is. Thank you Teeccino!

Catherine Munoz

I have an allergy to gluten‚ and try to stay away from caffeine. I came across Teeccino some years ago and have been enjoying it ever since! It has truly changed my life!

Finally, Coffee For A Celiac!

A little over 3 years ago, my life changed forever and I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. That first year of being diagnosed was filled with accidental “glutenings” and finding out what foods and drinks worked for me and what foods and drinks didn’t work. In that first year I continued to have my daily morning cup of coffee and for that first year I still wasn’t feeling “good”. I finally tried getting rid of coffee in my diet altogether and lo and behold, that was the culprit for a lot of my gut issues that remained. As life went on, I had accepted the fact that I would never drink coffee again or have that coffee flavor. It was a tough pill to swallow for sure. When it came to the fall and winter holidays, I kept finding myself desperately wanting that cup of hot coffee while I sat by the fireplace or as I ate some gluten free holiday dessert with my family. Finally, this past holiday season, I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought to myself, “there has to be someone in this world that has figured out how to make the flavor of coffee without having the side effects of coffee!!” After much google searching I finally came across Teeccino. I couldn’t believe it, someone actually did figure this whole thing out! And there were even certified gluten free options! My first purchase was the gluten free sampler. I eagerly awaited my order to be delivered. Finally, my order arrived and I tried one of the samples right away and in that moment I knew I would be a regular Teeccino customer. I used up all of my samples so fast and found my favorites quickly. My next purchase was to get the big bags of the caramel nut and the vanilla nut “coffees” (certified gluten free, of course) that even come in a coffee bag as grounds.This holiday season was made even better because of Teeccino. After a couple years of sitting by and watching my family drink coffee with breakfast or with dessert during the holidays, I can FINALLY sit with my family and have my own cup of coffee and feel confident that I’ll continue to feel good. Thank you, Teeccino!! 🙂


My Teeccino Story I first began having frequent and debilitating GI distress when I developed hyperthyroidism in 1997. My disease was not due to the usual causes and this meant it took about seven years and several doctors to make a definitive diagnosis and choose an effective treatment. During those years I was introduced to Teeccino (it is important to avoid caffeine when you are hyperthyroid) and I discovered that my GI symptoms were less severe as long as I drank Teeccino daily. And it was a delicious treatment - I sweeten it with Stevia and use almond milk and call it liquid candy! I was using a gold filter at this time. In January of 2005 I had radioactive thyroid ablation. After about 18 months my system changed from the frequent (usually 3-5 times daily) diarrhea to constipation. Through all of this I kept up my daily Teeccino‚ and on the rare occasions I would miss I definitely felt worse (this was before the introduction of Tee-bags which are great when traveling). After another six months or so my thyroid hormones were balancing and I felt better on many levels including the GI symptoms. But this did not last. I began to have even more severe episodes of GI distress and fatigue which made life very difficult. I saw three different Gastroenterologists who provided no benefit. I also saw two internists and began to feel that they were all judging me as hysterical. I am a physical therapist‚ and I do understand the medical system pretty well - and I could not get anyone to take me seriously or make an effort to help me. Then in September of 2009 I finally got help (and sadly‚ I have to regard this as a miracle. It is very common for a gluten intolerant patient to wait years for a diagnosis in the US). I saw a new Gastroenterologist at a major teaching hospital. He suggested the possibility of Celiac disease. I had to wait four months for my endoscopy/biopsy so during that time I tried going gluten -free just to see how hard it was. After about three days I began to feel remarkably better. Then I had a meal which contained gluten and the next day I could barely wake up‚ had all over joint pain‚ and the GI distress was severe. I began my gluten-free diet in earnest at that point! And I continued my Teeccino because of an article in the newsletter stating that Teeccino had been tested and found to be gluten-free‚ especially if brewed using a paper filter. Since my experience had consistently been that I felt better with Teeccino‚ I almost felt I didn't need the paper filters (which I use with my gold filter as a double filter system) but it seemed an easy and inexpensive way to increase my safety. I went through a very tough two weeks before my endoscopy/biopsy when I had to go back on a gluten diet This is essential since the tissue changes in the GI tract don't show if they have not had any gluten to react to. This is why it is so very important to have the full medical assessment before going off gluten permanently‚ because you can miss a proper diagnosis completely. In my case I was initially shocked to learn that all of the Celiac tests were negative. I asked the doctor if this must mean I was indeed mentally ill‚ since going off gluten had helped so much but the tests were negative. It was his turn to be shocked and he assured me that Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance (NCGI) is a very real condition‚ and that in fact NCGI patients can be even more sensitive to gluten than some Celiac patients. This has turned out to be true in my case. My college roommate's husband is Celiac and I have had strong reactions to some things that he has no trouble with. Throughout all of this I have continued to drink Teeccino. When the dandelion based varieties were introduced I tried the Mocha to see if I felt any different. I do not perceive any difference between the other varieties and the Mocha. But I love to breathe in the aroma of the grind before I brew because it smells SO good. And I do think it is even more delicious than the regular version of Mocha. I will drink the Mocha exclusively when I have had an inadvertent gluten exposure‚ but I don't seem to get better any faster than in the days before the dandelion blends. I am so very grateful for all the benefits I have had from Teeccino‚ and it is my favorite time of day as well. So I must go now to make my daily brew. I think it will be Almond Amaretto tonight!