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Carol Tavarez

After retiring‚ I found myself drinking more and more coffee as I puttered around the house all day. My blood pressure rose and I began to get migraine headaches. At a friends home for dinner one night‚ she served teeccino with dessert. I asked her what brand of coffee it was and surprise! It was Mocha Teeccino. I immediately went online and ordered several kinds. I love them all and now have a normal blood pressure‚ no headaches and improved vigor. I am a lifelong fan~

Love Teeccino❤️

I had to give up coffee due to a heart condition. I’m not able to have decaf either. I have to have caffeine free. That’s when I was introduced to Teeccino brand. It is my caffeine-free alternative to coffee. I enjoy the variety of flavors offered. One of my favorites is dandelion chocolate mint. After trying this brand, I will never be without it. Thank you Teeccino for coming up with an alternative that is healthy and satisfying. I don’t feel deprived that I can’t drink regular coffee anymore!

Best caffeine free replacement!

By far the best quality and best tasting caffeine free; coffee replacement... I have bad episodes of palpitations but I'm also an avid coffee drinker so as you can assume the 2 don't mix! But my goodness Teeccino has been a blessing; let me tell ya!

Teeccino saved my heart!

For years I was called a "coffee snob" I enjoyed my blend of coffee so much. After many years of drinking my mix, I was told by my cardiologist that I could no long have caffeine, not even decaf!! Fortunately a dear friend of mine told me about Teeccino, it did not take me long to become a regular customer. In fact, I order several 5lb bags at a time, to be sure I don't run out. I'm not sure what I would have done without my Teeccino, I also enjoy the "tea", but can't live without Teeccino "coffee". Thank you!

Coffee with Fib and svt

Having afib and svt even traditional decaf coffees impacted beats per minute.The Teeccino difference made all the difference. Enjoying coffee again without the heart rate effects. Love it !

Love Teeccino!!!

I have been drinking Teeccino coffee flavors since I was diagnosed with heart disease and atrial fibrillation about 9 years ago. I loved my coffee but was no longer able to drink anything with caffeine. Even decaf still has caffeine. Luckily I tried Teeccino and it is herbal and totally caffeine free. There is a variety of flavors to choose from. A few of my favorites are the Chocolate Mint, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, and others. Teeccino has been a Godsend. Thank you for continuing to provide us with caffeine free alternatives!

No A Fib with Teeccino

I was recently found to have atrial fibrillation so severe that my heart had to be restarted. I vowed to never drink coffee again, but well, life gets stressful, so I would take a sip of my hubby's coffee from time to time. When I had to go back to the ER to have my heart restarted twice in a day, I finally quit for good. Teeccino is the only thing that makes me feel that I am not giving up one of my favorite "vices". I've just replaced coffee with something better and have been turning my friends on to it ever since. Best flavor IMHO: Maca Chocolate - can't wait til we can order it in tee bags!

Carole Sheckler

A few years ago - I was experiencing severe heart palpitations. I believe that a major factor was my many years of heavy coffee and diet coke drinking. I began drinking half caf/half decaf most of the time - and finally just decaf. It didn't help! My doctor prescribed a med and I discovered Teeccino. Within the year - I was able to ween myself off the med (with doc's OK) and am pleased to be palpitation free! I love my Teeccino‚ especially Chai flavor - with steamed almond milk‚ a tad of Truvia and Agave sweetners - for a delicious healthy non-caffeine Latte! I can drink many cups a day without any problems. I tell everyone about Teeccino! Thank you!

Steady Heart Beat

In 2013 I was diagnosed with an Irregular Heart Beat and minor leakage in my heart valve. I discovered these conditions after sipping on my regular cup of coffee one morning and getting mild chest pain and having difficulty breathing. I went to the Dr. to check out the issue and had some heart tests that showed I have an Irregular Heart Beat. I then had further heart tests that showed I was normal in other areas of my heart though. My Dr. told me that I needed to stop caffeine such as coffee, soda, and chocolate etc., which would help and could help me from developing Afib and other heart problems. So I stopped all caffeine. I discovered Teeccino in a health food store and I have been regularly drinking it ever since hot and cold and LOVE IT very much. What a geat coffee substitute!! I don't even need sweetener either! It's delicious as is! I just had my yearly heart tests and I haven't changed or worsened since 2013 and I credited to NOT using caffeinated drinks or foods. I don't even have to take medications for these conditions as well. I'm so thankful and Teeccinio has been a big part of my good health results too. Thanks Teeccino for all your great varieties of amazing flavors, and the ease of ordering them online too. I enjoy them very much and hope others try them too, esp. if someone has heart conditions it's a great alternative!!!!


I love Teeccino! I'm a pretty young guy‚ age 21‚ and I have a sensitive heart when it comes to heart palpitations. I have always been an extreme coffee fan... loved my coffees‚ lattes‚ cappuccinos‚ and ESPECIALLY my espressos. My doctor said that I couldn't have any more caffeine at all... EVER. Which has made me sad because I love my java. Teeccino has changed this for me! Since I have discovered this not too long ago‚ I couldn't be happier. Teeccino tastes even better than coffee knowing that I'm not hurting my heart while drinking it. That is the best part. 🙂 Thank you Teeccino team!

Joe Pavlich

I am a life long drinker of coffee‚ at one time I was consuming 4-6 pots‚ yes pots of coffee to keep going with two full time jobs. As a result of this life long habit I gained over 100 lbs; tipping the scales at 300 lbs; and had high blood pressure‚ visiting the E.R. with a blood pressure of 242/165. When I read about Teeccino I thought why not? I am now happy to report that I am now 275 ibs. and my blood pressure meds. have been cut in half‚ how do you thank some one for saving your life‚ I am a life long customer now. Sincerely Joseph Pavlich


It is after losing two people this year‚ one the week before Christmas‚ one two weeks after due to their heart. One was a women that had spiritually changed my life in just the 3 months I knew her! My other friend who died so unexpectedly‚ the only to describe him is he had a God heart‚ because that is all you saw in him was God‚ a devastating loss for many! I recently went to a all natural DR. I will be drinking Teccino from here on out. I have been drinking regular coffee since I was 16!

Rebecca Cormier

I was really excited to try Teeccino since I recently had to give up coffee due to a newly diagnosed heart condition. It was so hard to give it up! It wasn't the caffeine as much as the taste that I missed by switching to herbal tea. I heard about Teeccino on Facebook‚ and found some at my local Whole Foods. That first sip of Teeccino was absolutely decadent....it felt like I was cheating and drinking coffee again! Just yesterday I shared it with my 78 year old mom‚ who has a similar heart condition and cannot consume caffeine. She's as excited about it as I am! Thank you‚ Teeccino!


I discovered Teeccino while doing a cleanse a few years back. Well the cleanse didn't last long but I'm string drinking Teeccino daily for the past 2 years. Although it is not as readily available here in Ottawa‚ I manage to get my hands on some so that I never do without at least 3 cups a day. I no longer have heart palpitations or headaches from caffeine. I love the taste and now I'm told by my friends that I'm a Teeccino snob. No other coffee even comes close to the warm‚ full body taste that I like without the caffeine. Thank you Teeccino. Please‚ please‚ please keep on producing a great product. Sincerely‚ Johanne

Melodie Querry

I began a nutritional program last June to have optimal health. I was already off caffeine because of a mitral valve prolapse‚ but love coffee. I read articles about how decaf coffee is also very bad for you: acidic‚ causes your body to retain fat‚ etc. Then‚ my husband decided to join me on the nutritional program‚ but he was addicted to his caffeinated coffee in the mornings - 3 or 4 cups at least! I had to find something that would satisfy his craving for coffee. A friend of mine told me about Teeccino‚ so I ordered some. My husband was able to kick his caffeine/coffee addiction in no time at all‚ and now we are never out of Teeccino! Thank you so much for being the HEALTHY alternative to coffee!


Dear Teeccino Team‚ I wanted to express my sincere thanks for designing and developing this innovative product! About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition that has meant I have tried to avoid consuming caffeine ever since. However‚ being a British native and therefore brought up on tea‚ and absolutely loving coffee since moving to America over a decade ago‚ reducing the consumption of my favorite drinks has been very challenging. Just a few weeks ago‚ possible having waited 6 years too long‚ I searched the internet for completely caffeine free coffee and I stumbled upon Teeccino! The Vanilla Nut and Hazelnut tastes absolutely delicious and I am delighted that I'm able to enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee again to start my day. Decaffeinated coffee simply contains too much caffeine for me‚ plus it's only available in 2 or 3 different flavors. Teeccino offers more flavors than I have seen in many coffee shops! It's truly a win-win! THANK YOU so much! I am so very grateful for the commitment and hard work that I know went into creating such an novel product. Sometimes‚ it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference in people's lives‚ and Teeccino has certainly impacted mine. Cheers! Katy

Trudie Jackson

I just had to share how much I really appreciate being able to drink an alternative to coffee because I was a daily coffee drinker until I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. Well I had no idea that drinking coffee had anything to do with it but after some research and doctor visits‚ I decided that I had to change my caffeine habits. I tried all kinds of things: Organic coffee‚ tea‚ and hot chocolate but nothing pleased my taste for coffee. Then I ran across the Teeccino website where I decided to give the herbal coffee a try and loved it. My husband never knew that it was herbal and he decided to keep buying it. Well‚ as of today‚ my blood pressure is no longer 144/99. It is now 130/77 and dropping. I am very grateful for the change and will continue to buy it.


My husband introduced me to Teeccino about a year ago. He was doing a cleanse and tried to quit drinking coffee along the way. I loved the taste and the benefits of the fake coffee as I call it. It took me a while but I managed to give up coffee myself. It was hard at first as my friends drink coffee on a daily basis. Half a year ago my very good friend was diagnosed with a heart condition and was advised to stop drinking coffee. When she was worried about how she will survive a day without coffee when she has two little ones running around the house‚ I had the answer for her. I introduced her to Teeccino. She loved it. Now we continue to have our regular coffee get together while our kids play. All three of us‚ including my husband‚ are coffee free and enjoying teecino on a daily basis. I have introduced few of my other friends to teecino and everyone loves it. My favourite flavours are Chocolaté‚ Dark Roast and Vanilla Nut. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Daniel Thompson

Until I had open heart surgery to replace a bicuspid valve‚ I was an avid coffee drinker. I tried every coffee varietal I could get my hands on. I was what you could call a coffee snob. But after surgery‚ with high blood pressure issues‚ I completely stopped the coffee. I tried decaf tea and coffee but even those gave me heart palpitations. And every time I smelled my wife's freshly press-potted brew I'd get rather depressed. So just this last Wednesday a thought struck me that had been wandering my brain for a few months‚ I wonder if there are any good coffee substitutes out there? I did one search and the first link was Teeccino. I checked out the videos on the site and was intrigued. I found a local store and picked up the Hazelnut‚ Vanilla Nut and the French Roast. I was very very pleased from the first cup. Now‚ this isn't a perfect coffee match‚ especially if you like black‚ strong coffee. What I'd compare it to is a nice cup of light bodied coffee with a hazelnut or vanilla flavoring. It's darn close to that and very pleasing. It lacks the bitterness of coffee as well. I found that 3-5 minute of steeping isn't enough. I let my Teeccino bags steep for 15 minutes to get a stronger flavor and -- guess what?? Even after letting the bags steep for an hour the brew was excellent. No bitterness at all. And no odd aftertaste. One last thing -- the Teeccino does give me sort of an enegry rush like caffeine‚ but no jitters or heart palps. I had a cup before bed two nights ago and slept like a baby. When I get up in the morning now I notice that I'm looking forward to my first cup of Teeccino. Great flavor‚ excellent product! A very addequate alternative for high BP patients who are also coffee nuts!

Enne Bondd

I've enjoyed great health for most of my life until this last year. I've experienced numerous health issues. During a visit to my family doctor I was diagnosed with more health challenges. The doctor told me I had very high blood pressure and that I was borderline diabetic. I've also struggled with a weight problem all of my life. This was a wake up call for me and I was so scared. I was determined not to have to take blood pressure medication for life. I went straight to the health food store. I purchased books. I started taking supplements‚ and eating healthy. I was able to stabilize my blood pressure. My doctor told me that I could not have caffeine because it would spike my blood pressure. The first three weeks were torture. I was always tired. I missed my coffee. I usually had anywhere from 5 to 7 cups of coffee a day. I was at the pool one day telling another club member how much better I was doing but that I was missing coffee. She shared with me a product she discovered called Teeccino. She said it tasted like coffee. I decided to give it a try. When I was at the health food store the girl helping me told me to not expect this to taste like coffee. I'm a casino dealer and work nights. I remember the first time I had a hot cup of Teeccino‚ Mocha Flavor. I was half way through my shift. I take my breaks in a room separate from the regular break area because of the difficultly of going down the stairs. The room was a little chilly. For some reason the paper cups were still left over from Christmas. When I took my first sip I closed my eyes and sighed a breath. Such a satisfying‚ warm comfy feeling came over me. It was like one of those coffee moments you see on TV. The words on the paper cup were Make Your Spirits Bright. Joy. Now I look forward to each and every day to my Teeccino time. I've ordered three flavors over the Internet. I'm forever grateful to my pool buddy for introducing me to Teeccino.