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Great alternative!!

I have always loved the smell of coffee but because of health reasons and personal choice, I never drank it. But oh how I wanted that delicious flavor! I also wanted some good for you to flavor my water, cause drinking just water doesn’t appeal to me, so I tried Teeccino and oh my gosh my world is changed!! We drink it warm in the mornings and cold in the afternoons! Now a staple in our home! And I have lost weight drinking it instead of my afternoon soda! Great stuff!

My hot drink of choice!

I discovered Teeccino about 8 years ago when I went caffeine free. I only drank coffee with all the "stuff" in it which was a lot of calories. When I tried Teeccino I discovered for me personally, all it needed was a bit of stevia and no creamers which was great for my weight loss efforts. I run many weight loss and healthy living challenges and always recommend to my challengers who are struggling giving up coffee. Everyone loves it and how healthy it is makes it even better.I use the bags and a French Press. Right now I am hooked on Chocolate and Chocolate Raspberry.Cheers to Teeccino!


I am so glad to have discovered Teeccino. I use it everyday and have not experienced any low blood sugar problems since!

Avoided late night snacking

Are you a late night snacker like me? It's bedtime and I need to go to sleep but I just have a craving. Rather than reach for that brownie I started reaching for my Teeccino. How much better for our bodies to grab a decadent drink with no acid or caffeine than a brownie or bowl of chocolate ice cream. I do not want to be without my Teeccino. It is my late night snack alternative and is helping me shed pounds by helping me to not indulge in junk food. It works because it TASTES SO GOOD! Hope this can help you as well. I know you're probably thinking I am employed by Teeccino. But I am not. My mom bought me a box and it sat in my cabinet for a while. I have a slow thyroid. Anyone else? I followed a doctor and she too had a slow thyroid but giving up coffee was one of many factors that really brought her back into good health. I thought I too would try not drinking coffee and that is when I realized I had an alternative and the good news... it won't keep me awake at night. Try some, thank me later!

I was shocked

I was shocked at how flavorful my first Teeccino Dandelion Dark Roast drink was. It definitely is the closet thing to coffee I had ever tasted. Any other coffee substitute is so inferiorI was shocked at how I began to look forward to my evening brew. When I now sit in my recliner, watch some TV, clutch my warm cup of Teeccino Dandelion Dark Roast there is a feeling that all is well with the world.I was shocked at how I began to loose weight. By drinking a nice warm cup of Teeccino Dandelion Dark Roast I was able to drop my evening meal as I found my appetite satisfied. Over the last 6 months I have lost 25 pounds!!I was shocked when people began to notice my weight loss. I tell them about Teeccino Dandelion Dark Roast and how it helps me skip the evening meal. Most are skeptical but that is their loss .....and it isn't in weight! Ha!I was shocked at hard it is to find this wonderful herbal tea in my area. Hopefully this will change.I would say that I am tired of being shocked but that would be a lie. Every cup is as yummy as the first time I tried it. Thank you Teeccino Dandelion Dark roast for making life better!!

Corri Baker

I have been a coffee lover for years and years and never thought in a million would I quit. After reading up about caffeine‚ I found Teeccino in a online search and quickly ordered my sample. I got Vanilla Nut and fell in LOVE! I ordered a sample of all your flavors to find out which I loved the most. I've been drinking it off an on since then‚ but the real change came when I gave up sugar‚ a little over a week ago now. My favorite thing was a vanilla latte and once I quit sugar that wasn't possible anymore. I craved it badly though‚ so one day I made some Teeccino cooled it down and made an iced Teeccino latte with the Vanilla Nut a bit of stevia and some milk. It tasted like the real thing! Teeccino is sweet and sugar free! I love it. I just bought another bag at the store today of Almond Amaretto (another favorite) and can't wait to try my new latte flavor. Thank you for helping me quit sugar with grace Teeccino!!


The Villages, FL

I just wanted to thank you people for creating such a wonderful herbal coffee. I just moved and retired to central Florida about a year ago and found your coffee on the internet. I ordered the sample pack and I was a true believer. I ran out and started looking for some kind of other organic coffee in the local stores here. There was just nothing I liked as much.

Suzanne Miller

I was a coffee drinker for so many years‚ I usually had four cups a day. I worked out four days a week never seeing any improvements on my body. One thing I hated the most was the cellulite that insisted on not going away as well really dry lips every season. I read an article on caffeine and some symptoms it can have on certain people. Some signs of too much caffeine was cellulite mostly on women. This is because women have less water in their bodies than men so it's much more important that women hydrate their bodies and stay away from things that can dehydrate you. Since cellulite is a form of bad circulation and dehydration I decided to remove caffeine and put Teecchino into my life. Being on Teecchino for two months now I see less cellulite and no more dry lips!!!! After telling my mother who by the way has diabetes of my new found delight she too has switch and feels a very huge improvement. Thank you Teecchino 🙂


Just wanted to let you know how much we love our Teeccino-Hazelnut is our favorite flavor.We were totally addicted to coffee‚and our health was going down hill‚we were over weight and unhealthy‚so we decided to do something about it‚we changed our diet‚got rid of the coffee‚now my husband is 90 lbs.lighter and I am 75 lbs.lighter.Switching to healthy delicious products like Teeccino has changed our lives and we are very thankful...God bless 🙂

Patricia Shullick

Dr. Rosedale suggests in his book‚ The Rosedale Diet‚ that Teeccino is a good coffee alternative. His diet is the only one that helps me lose weight with my thyroid issues (although he wrote it for diabetics)‚ so after a couple of months of trying to follow his diet and continue to drink coffee‚ I decided to give in and give Teeccino a try. WOW! It has helped me stay on the diet‚ and is so much more satisfying than coffee ever was - no acid backup or aftertaste‚ and because of Teeccino‚ I discovered Kat James and her approach to losing weight‚ which‚ along with Rosedale has helped me lose over 30 lbs. so far. She uses the phrase to find what scratches your itch. I recommend Teeccino to anyone who wants the pleasure of drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning‚ at your desk‚ after a delicious dinner‚ or in the evening - it really does scratch the itch! I also love the milk frother you sell. I use it with half and half for a special treat!

Desiree Galassi

I just started a diet to lose weight. I have to for my heart but also because I have not been feeling well with my stomach and have to make some modifications. I love the taste of coffee and can only drink one cup a day because of acid reflux. But now even that one cup makes my stomach seem as if it's on fire and my stomach gets very swollen as a result. I have been drinking tea but I really miss iced coffee and espresso!! I bought Teeccino at Stop and Shop on a whim because the bag smelled very compelling and I had nothing to lose except for $9. I was so surprised with the flavor ( hazelnut) and the intensity that I could have sworn it was coffee with the exception that my stomach didn't scream after drinking it! It has helped me stay on the diet because it is lightly sweet and I don't feel I am missing sugar. In fact‚ it tases better than coffee or tea with stevia. I went back to Stop and Shop and cleared the shelves of their bags ( bought 5 more) because I was afraid I'd never find this product again. I happened on this web site today and I was floored that there were so many flavors available! My husband who is an avid coffee drinker may be in for a surprise when I serve him the french roast. He does not like flavored coffee. So I really can't wait to try more flavors but I think I have to wait until I am finished with the 5 bags of hazelnut first!

Joe Pavlich

This is a follow up to a testimonial that I submitted a few years ago; I had been drinking three pots a day because of a second job and working 70 plus hours a week. I discovered Teeccino and started to kick the coffee habit and in addition I lost 30 pounds. I stuck to Teeccino and buy it at my HFS and I am happy to report that I have lost 90 pounds and love Teeccino even more. I want to thank for my health and the ability to enjoy my grand son and future granddaughter.

Bonnie Spagnuolo

HI MY FELLOW TEECCINO LOVERS! I wanted to share my testimonial in hopes it will touch you and definitely be a must have! I was a Preemie‚ 46 years ago‚ at a pound and a half in my mom's day one of her seventh month. I have survived thankfully‚ over the years with Auto Immune Deficiency in some areas. I never was a great water drinker‚ but loved lived and loved my coffee‚ as my beverage of choice and not too much more then that. I loved many brands and roasts. I met with some very energetic‚ healthy eaters and drinkers who have introduced me to Teeccino for the last 8 months of my healthy clean eating and drinking. I gave up my coffee one day 8 months ago and didn't miss it like I thought I would. I now have a cup of Teeccino in different flavors that I drive across my Island to a health food store‚ I buy boxes at a time to carry me through the cold winter months. The taste is beyond delish‚ I feel so confident knowing its 100 percent natural and healthy for my immune system! I was so happy to enjoy this wonderful product made naturally. My diabetes has gotten under control‚ my weight has dropped‚ my skin is healthier and everyone notices my health changes along with my confidence in knowing I'm doing my body a favor by enjoying this product. I have suggested to many family and friends to come to this site to order. I was a bit selfish at first in sharing in what I love so much. My Doctors are greatly impressed as well! I would be honored to receive this gift to use to re-order to have in my home for my family and friends for the holidays ! I wish you all well‚ the best of success on your healthy journey with me here with Teeccino. CHEERS AND THE BEST TO YOU AND YOURS !!! Tee