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Tina Brown

My favorite was the Cranberry Apple that I topped off with just a little drizzle of organic honey. I found it filling and very satisfying‚ and it made me feel good that I was eating a healthy‚ good for me breakfast.

Melissa Keeton

I love them and they are very delicious‚ filling and agreed with my system. I was satisfied. It is so nice to have something so nutrient and your hunger is satisfied without feeling bloated. I use almond milk them and I will be looking for the nearest Health food store that carries them.

Caroline Langer

Cheektowaga‚ NY

I tried the Blueberry Date which was delicious. I actually followed the recipe you posted for the muffins. They were delicious!

Thea Oculato Silva DeSouza

I personally suffer from a metabolic disorder as well as severe gluten intolerance. I find myself skipping breakfast because I am limited with food choices and often find it too expensive to purchase separate bags of power foods to mix up in a cereal or shake. TeeChia's ingredient list is packed with all those super foods that I like and need and it tasted great! I was very pleased and highly recommend this for anyone! Thank you TeeChia! I love this product!


About my breakfast and my yesterday: I some teechia cranberry cinnamon (delicious) and cut my coffee with teeccino. I didn't think about it after that‚ but when I was riding my bike‚ I noticed I was able stay stronger than normal at the end of a long ride. And after I made the connection between the AWESOME breakfast and less caffeine- especially in this heat! These products ROCK!


I love the Teechia cereals. The taste is delicious without being overly sweet. I enjoy the texture too. Most importantly‚ I like the way it makes me feel. I am sufficiently full when finished‚ and I have energy that lasts until lunch. It has also been treating me well in the fiber department.

Rhea Peake

I wouldn't start my day without it! It's my happy‚ healthy body and mind treatment‚ like my morning meditation and exercise in a bowl. I can count on my regularity (twice a day!!)‚ with the bonus of good-feeling side-effects without any downside. I have noticed my even moods and sustained energy level (til early afternoon)‚ no food cravings‚ including much less interest in sweets‚ I'm good to go til late lunch. Then there is the great taste and versatility of use. I've served it as an evening dessert with Greek Honey Yogurt and added fruit‚ the next morning first thing the smoothest bowl movement‚ like when I was an athletic teenager‚ without the pain of cramps or diarrhea that so often accompany harsher alternatives like laxatives. I've tasted muffins made with TeeChia‚ cookies‚ and pancakes to rival any others. I've started thinking of it as a possible bread alternative‚ when it soaks up less water than recommended‚ the texture reminds me of living Manna Bread‚ I've put a soft boiled egg on top and it was a great eggs with toast or muffin replacement. I've tried Holy Crap‚ a cereal up here in Canada that has similar claims and some of the same ingredients without the great flavors or the same level of benefits as TeeChia.

Jack Challem

Many food products still struggle with taste issues but this is definitely not the case with Teeccino. You can tell that Teeccino has always been a labor of love for the owner. These caffeine-free coffee substitutes taste wonderful‚ and there is a huge selection to choose from. I start every morning with a couple cups of Teeccino‚ and when I travel‚ I take some Teeccino with me. -Jack Challem‚ author of No More Fatigue‚ Stop Prediabetes Now‚ and The Inflammation Syndrome. www.nutritionreporter.com