If you don’t have the time to make your own eggnog, don’t worry, you can still enjoy a Teeccino Eggnog Latte. The Teeccino team had fun tasting a variety of both dairy and non-dairy eggnogs from natural food brands. Here are the results of our taste test:


Like it sweet? Horizon Organic Low Fat Eggnog might be saving you some fat calories, but it was by far the sweetest of all the eggnogs. Although we wouldn’t recommend drinking this one straight, when diluted in Teeccino it makes a very fine Teeccino Eggnog Latte.
Organic Valley Eggnog gets our vote for the best dairy eggnog. It’s rich and egg-y but not overly sweet. Drink this one both as a pure cup of eggnog and as the perfect addition to Teeccino.


Hands down, the team preferred the flavor of So Delicious Coconut Milk Holiday Nog. It has just the right nutmeg and egg flavor without the egg of course. However, it didn’t heat up well and can’t be frothed, so no velvety foam on the top of this nog if you use it to make a Teeccino Eggnog Latte.

Califia Holiday Nog made from almond milk came in second. We love Califia products but felt that this one’s flavor didn’t quite hit the top mark. I suggest adding some more nutmeg to this eggless nog to give it a bit more eggnog flavor. However, it made the very best foam after heating so you can make a delicious cup of Teeccino Eggnog Latte with a perfect frothy cap!

Making A Teeccino Eggnog Latte

Heat these eggnogs gently but don’t come near a boil; then apply a frothing wand or whisk to give a foamy froth on top your cup of Teeccino. Ok, we’re prejudiced. Our homemade eggnog just can’t be beat!

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