Drip coffee makers allow you to brew Teeccino to the strength you prefer. You can even blend Teeccino with regular coffee and make “half caf” or “quarter caf” depending on your need.
coffee maker drip1) Add the following measurements into a drip filter, either paper or permanent.

  • Strong brews: Add 1 rounded tablespoon of Teeccino for every 2 cups of water to a permanent gold or paper filter. Add a tablespoon for the “pot” too for extra strength.
  • Medium brews: Add 1 level tablespoon of Teeccino for every 2 cups of water.
  • Light brews: Add 1 rounded teaspoon of Teeccino for every 2 cups water.

2)  Add water to the chamber. Use purified or filtered water if available for better flavor.
3)  Start your drip brewer and shortly you will be able to enjoy a steaming cup of Teeccino!
4)  If you have any brewed Teeccino left over in the pot, refrigerate and reheat later or drink iced.