Iced Herbal Tea Ready-to-Drink

With a little forethought, it is easy to have refreshing iced herbal tea on hand for when you need to rehydrate or simply enjoy a cool drink on a hot day. Herbs add their delicious flavors to water which encourage people to drink more liquids to stay properly hydrated. Iced herbal teas are caffeine free and contribute unique phytonutrients to water like antioxidants. Drinking herbal teas whether hot or iced increases the variety of phytonutrients in your diet. Herbs support and nurture our health by providing us with a wide variety of micronutrients that complement and enhance the macronutrients we consume in food.
Course Iced Drinks


  • Herbal tea bags of fruit floral, citrus or mint blends. Here are some of Caroline’s favorites:
  • Rooibos teas
  • Mint teas
  • Fruit teas
  • Sweet teas
  • Citrus teas
  • Floral teas
  • A half gallon glass jar plastic is not recommended


  • Into a half gallon jar, place 10 tea bags of the herbal tea of your choice. If using a larger or smaller jar, add 1 tea bag for every 8 oz of water and 1 or 2 more tea bags additionally to create a stronger brew.
  • Pour boiling water over the tea bags to fill the jar.
  • Sweeten to preference if desired while tea is hot.
  • Let sit until the tea cools down. Glass can crack if refrigerated while liquid is hot.
  • Refrigerate. You can leave the tea bags in the jar. Herbal teas won’t become too acidic or bitter with longer steeping times so it isn’t necessary to remove them.
  • Pour chilled herbal tea over ice in a tall glass to enjoy immediately or put in your portable water container to drink on-the-go.


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