We’re all familiar with the syndrome. Just like we should, we eat a nutritious lunch. Next thing we know, we’d give anything to just lay down and close our eyes for a few minutes. But work is demanding, deadlines are looming or children want attention, the house needs cleaning; everywhere we look, there are always a million things that need doing. The question is, how do we overcome the drowsiness without setting ourselves up for another energy crash or worse yet, a sleepless night?
If we indulge in caffeine or a sugary treat, we’re sure to pay for it later. Yes, there is a momentary high, but then comes the downhill side of the rollercoaster ride which isn’t so fun after all. Our blood sugar is unbalanced and although we successfully put off fatigue for the time being, there’s a price to pay and it doesn’t feel good when it comes.
Pleasure and satisfaction without sacrifice
Sacrifice isn’t anyone’s strong suit. So here at Teeccino HQ, we’ve discovered that if we resist the sugar impulses, and take a moment to brew a mug of Teeccino, the result is quite amazing. Our sweet tooth is satisfied. Our afternoon meetings become productive. Our waistlines don’t suffer. Our thinking is creative. We motor into the evening with lots of things accomplished so we can enjoy our time with our loved ones.
Now what did you sacrifice? Increased stress from caffeine stimulating the production of stress hormones. Blood sugar spikes that are followed by blood sugar lows. Insulin surges that make us store the excess blood sugar as fat.
What did you gain? Peace of mind. Balanced blood sugar. Nutrition your body can put to work immediately.
It really does feel miraculous. When you’re having an afternoon slump, take our advice. Just brew a mug of Teeccino. We predict your appetite will stay under control, your energy will be restored, and you’ll sail through the rest of your day with plenty of energy to spare!