Ok, we’re prejudiced. We just don’t see any reason to drink decaf when you can enjoy naturally caffeine-free herbal coffee. But we do understand the need for a bit of caffeine.
Many people really want that morning cup to have a little extra help when the wake-up call comes. No doubt about it, if you’re the type that experiences morning sluggishness, caffeine will get your system moving.
We’re not here to judge that, though if you give us a chance, we may suggest that you try going without for a few months to see if you can rebuild your natural energy supply. Nevertheless, if you want some caffeine, we have some good ideas for you.
Blend Teeccino with your coffee when you’re brewing to adjust the amount of caffeine you need on a cup-by-cup, pot-by-pot basis. If you really had too little sleep, go heavier on the coffee and lighter on Teeccino. If you just need a little pick-up, drink mostly Teeccino and blend in a bit of regular coffee. If you want to get off caffeine all together, gradually wean yourself off over a two-week period by slowing reducing the amount of coffee in the blend.
We predict that you will grow to love the taste of coffee blended with Teeccino and surprisingly, you may not like your brew without Teeccino anymore. Read Teeccino testimonials and you’ll see what we’re talking about. It turns out that our taste buds will adjust to healthier options given the exposure. Many people find that Teeccino becomes their preference after they give it a chance.
For a variety of reasons, we think decaf should be avoided. It’s highly acidic, studies show it raises cholesterol, it may even have chemical residues in it, and no matter what, it has lost substantial flavor. Since decaf still contains caffeine, you might as well make your own. Just blend your regular coffee with Teeccino and you can make it as “decaf” as you need. Now that is what we call having your cake and eating it too. No sacrifice. Just great flavor and lots of health benefits.