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Teeccino 9 Flavors Sampler

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9 Trial Size Packets

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A sampling of 9 Mediterranean & Maya flavors, including: Java, Hazelnut, Mocha, Vanilla Nut, Orange, Almond Amaretto, Chocolate Mint, French Roast and Chocolate. Each packet brews up three steaming mugs or 6 coffee cups of delicious Teeccino.

Teeccino 9 Flavors Sampler Description

The Teeccino sampler is a great way to taste Teeccino and decide which are your favorite flavors!

If you are like us, you like variety according to your moods, time of the day or season. That’s why we offer so many flavors to satisfy the wide variety of coffee preferences. Some people are absolutely certain that they’ll only like their particular flavor favorite. Then they try another and fall in love all over again. Those of us who are true Teeccino aficionados even mix our flavors in the coffeemaker to create combos like Mocha Hazelnut or Vanilla Nut Chocolaté.

The 9 flavor sampler makes a great gift for coffee lovers who may be cautious at first. It encourages them to experiment and try something new. Since Teeccino’s flavors are all natural, people often respond enthusiastically to a flavor they never liked before because most coffee manufacturers use artificial flavors that have cloying, over-flavored characteristics.

Buy the sampler for yourself or a loved one and have fun brewing up some steaming mugs of Teeccino.

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