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Thermos Nissan French Press Pot

item no. 90041

Vacuum Insulated

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1 litre (34 oz) vacuum insulated stainless steel French press that keeps Teeccino warm for 2 hours. Easy to brew wherever you are.

Thermos Nissan French Press Pot Caroline Recommends

French Press Pots are so easy and convenient to use – they are really just a tea pot with a strainer!

But I am always frustrated by two things about a French Press. First, they are typically made of glass and so they frequently break during washing. Secondly, they have no insulation so your second and third cup of Teeccino is cold by the time you are ready to drink it.

The Vacuum Insulated French Press is the perfect solution to both these problems. In fact, if you like to sit with a pot of Teeccino on your desk to pour throughout your day, this may be the perfect brewing technique for you. You won’t have to fight for brewing time on the office coffee maker; you’ll only need hot water and you can pour each cup at your convenience. Beautifully designed by Thermos!
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