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NEW Dandelion Flavors Sampler

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4 Trial-Size Packets & 4 Tee-Bags

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A sampling of all four Teeccino Dandelion Herbal Coffee flavors in Tee-Bags and Trial-Size Packets. Each Packet brews six cups and each Tee-bag makes one steaming cup in 3 minutes. 

NEW Dandelion Flavors Sampler Description

Teeccino samplers are popular ways to taste a variety of flavors to discover which ones are your favorites. Teeccino Dandelion Herbal Coffees taste very similar to their counterparts in the Mediterranean or Maya flavor lines even though they don't contain any barley.

Steeping Tee-bags produces a lighter cup than brewing the all-purpose-grind packed in Teeccino's 11 oz bags. If you're a coffee drinker who wants ot keep your same brewing ritual, use this sampler to help you decide which of the Dandelion flavors you want to buy in the 11 oz bag. If you love the ease and convenience of a tea bag, this sampler will help you choose which of the Dandelion flavors you want to buy in the 25 Tee-bag box.

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