Hazelnut and Chocolate Mint are my favorites!

My doctor wanted me to go a month eliminating many allergenic foods to help my leaky gut problem. Coffee, even decaf, was one of the things I had to go without. I was a serious (organic) coffee drinker. I wasn't sure I could go without coffee at all! The week before I was to start it, I happened to read an article about Kat James and picked up her The Truth about Beauty book. In the book she recommended Teeccino, which I had never heard of. Herbal coffee, saved!! Surprisingly, I found Teeccino at several local natural food stores. It tastes great, and is an easy substitute for coffee. After my month, in which I assumed I would go back to drinking coffee, I made a pot of coffee. But it didn't taste good anymore and I didn't finish it. So, to my surprise, I am continuing to drink Teeccino - Hazelnut and Chocolate Mint are my favorites!

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