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Our Team

Caroline Macdougall
Founder, CEO

World renowned herbal tea designer and nutrition expert who started her career in the early ‘70’s, studying, growing, importing, blending, and selling herbs. Caroline’s inspiration for creating her most innovative product line, Teeccino® Caffeine-free Herbal Coffee, came to her in a dream in the mid 1990’s when she was deeply involved in rainforest preservation work in Central America. The result is a healthy line of caffeine free coffee alternatives and delicious roasted herbal teas.


I was introduced to Teeccino by Caroline on our first date 7 years ago. A week later I had given up coffee (cold turkey because I didn’t even know yet about the Teeccino Kick the Caffeine Habit program). Today, Caroline is my life partner. I am still coffee free and an investor in Teeccino as well as its CFO. Thirty five years in the entertainment business as a producer, director and executive was a walk in the park compared to launching a truly healthy alternative up against America’s great addiction to stimulants. Yet Teeccino is expanding its reach and its customer base and I am inspired by the challenges.


Joining the Teeccino team in April of 2018 as Chief Operations Officer, I am responsible for the global operations of the company. I bring 25+ years leadership and experience driving profitability, efficiency and productivity. I bring a breadth of experience to Teeccino from the medical device, windows and now the food industry. I believe our success is attributed to the amazing team we have developed, and the utilization of technology driven solutions. 

In my down time, you can find me on the golf a course with my golden retriever, doing DIY projects around the house, riding my road bike enjoying our Southern California weather. Favorite Teeccino Flavor’s Hazel and Vanilla Nut.


Dar Ringling came to the Teeccino Cafe with an extensive career in the financial field. He has been a Chief Financial Officer for multiple companies. Dar holds his Master's in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University. He is a licensed Certified Management Accountant and a licensed Certified Financial Manager. He loves working at Teeccino and being apart of the team to help people obtain their optimal health. He has been married to his wife Darla for over 35 years. Together they have two adult children that live in their hometown of Colorado Springs.


I was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, then attended the University of Wisconsin where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry. I then attended graduate school at UCSB, pursuing a Master’s in Molecular Biology. I left graduate school to work in stocks and bonds for a short period of time. I have been with Teeccino for nine years, watching the company grow from the ground, up. When I am not at work, I enjoy petting my three cats and one dog, and experimenting with making homemade flavored simple syrups. I am also an avid follower of professional and college sports.


My role at Teeccino has been a developing one ever since my mom, Caroline, formulated the product in 1994. While growing up I helped at many Natural Product Expos (officially selling my first can of Teeccino at age 10) and have watched closely as Teeccino has grown from a kitchen experiment to what is now the #1 selling coffee alternative and premier line of roasted herbal teas. Since graduating from UCLA in 2010, I’m honored to have become an integral part of this company, and love witnessing first-hand the happiness and health Teeccino brings to our customers.  Outside of the office I am also an avid home-brewer and rock climber, cherishing any opportunity to spend time in nature. Favorite Teeccino Flavor: Maca Chocolate


I was fortunate enough to have traveled at an early age to satisfy my curiosity and interest in culture and language and travel continues to be a focus in my life with frequent family trips. Despite all of the travel, I have always called California home. I discovered the natural foods industry while working in a farmers market during high school and experiencing what good fresh food and impassioned smaller business owners could bring to the community to make food exciting and better for us. My retail career continued through college where I managed independent stores in Southern California. I enjoyed focusing on differentiating our stores and products from conventional grocery with the latest trends. My career moved into sales where I worked for a natural foods distributor and since then have represented key manufacturers in the natural foods industry. My passion has always been collaborating with customers and colleagues and experiencing the innovation and forward thinking that drives our industry as it continues to thrive. I am also an avid soccer fan having coached at the competitive club level while my kids were growing up. While not traveling I can be found planning our next trip, spending time with family, walking the dog or enjoying the latest soccer game. I live in Clayton California with my wife Kathryn, our cat Dash and our dogs Sparky and Snick. I look forward to weekend visits now and then from our twin girls Kaitlyn and Karina who are off at college or our son Ben who is a paramedic/firefighter in Colorado. 

I am thrilled to be part of the Teeccino team!


I’m originally from Bulgaria. I came to the States 22 years ago and fell in love with beautiful Santa Barbara. I got a degree in bookkeeping and became a legal citizen after many years of applying. I hope to complete my BA in economics someday. I love the outdoors, spending time hiking, biking, and fishing with my twin boys. I love to cook and travel, explore new places and new recipes. There is an abundance of Teeccino blends that I drink regularly, but two of my favorites are Mango Lemon Balm and Maca Chocolate. What is yours?


I was initially studying to pursue a career in chemical engineering. After finding out that I would be in a lab most of my career I decided to change my area of focus. While searching for my true calling I began to work for a digital marketing agency. It was there that I found my passion for marketing & business development. I learned the foundations for digital marketing and began to apply my analytical thinking process to deliver top results for our clients. This combination of consumer engagement and data analysis brought forth the perfect storm for my career path. I have since received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing. Since hired, I work with the marketing team to develop engaging strategies for our consumers and deliver Teeccino's message across the world. When I am not at the office, I love to jump on my bike and ride across the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. I love tech so I dive into computer builds on my spare time. Favorite Teeccino Flavor: Dark Chocolate


Originally from a rural town in NH, I first moved to Santa Barbara in 2014 to escape the cold weather! I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a dual degree in Anthropology and International Affairs and was fortunate to live in numerous Latin America countries while conducting social scientific research between2014 and 2019. I began working for Teeccino in 2019 upon returning from a year-long Fulbright research fellowship in Colombia and Bolivia where I worked with Indigenous communities in water stressed regions. In my free time, I continue to organize projects that support Indigenous families in Colombia via a social enterprise I cofounded named One Thread Collective. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and health-focused company that is making a difference in so many people’s lives. My favorite Teeccino blend? I have four! Maca Chocolate, Chaga Ashwagandha, Dandelion Mocha Mint, and Mango Lemon Balm.


Elisa has been a member of the Teeccino team since Feb 2016. As Customer Service Manager, she acts as a liaison between customers and Teeccino’s shipping department making sure that the lines of communication remain open. Elisa strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with Teeccino’s customers.