Building Optimal Health

Learn about how coffee and
caffeine affect your health.

 Somewhere along the continuum from childhood to middle age, many of us lose our vitality. As our energy decreases and our stress rises, we think that the way we feel is just a result of aging. We become dependent on stimulants like sugar, caffeine and nicotine to keep us going throughout the day. We move less. Our bodies get stiff. We no longer feel like taking a walk let alone running up the stairs.

If we let the downward spiral get to the point where we stop doing things, have trouble getting up in the morning, and feel our limits more and more, life becomes overwhelming. Our mood suffers irritable anxiousness and our brightness and enthusiasm wanes.

The excuse we make is, I’m just getting older. Of course you are, but does that mean you have to settle for declining health and energy? Look around and you’ll see examples of people who have lots of vitality no matter what their age. It can’t just be that they won the genetic lottery!

So, why not you?

If you ask that question and honestly seek answers, you’ll find that there are many upgrades to your lifestyle habits that can have a big impact on your energy and your health. What you require is motivation and a place to begin.

Of course, we believe that reducing your intake of caffeine is a great place to start. Our experience, accumulated over 15 years of marketing Teeccino, has revealed the diversity of ways that habitual caffeine consumption undermines health. The most gratifying stories we hear every day from customers like you are those that tell the tale of regaining health, and avoiding caffeine withdrawal symptoms, with an abundance of energy by switching from coffee to Teeccino.

Our purpose is to help you develop your understanding of what the body requires to sustain balanced energy without the roller coaster highs and lows that keep you off-kilter. It’s a scientific fact that energy doesn’t come from stimulants like caffeine, but you wouldn’t know that from listening to advertisements designed to convince you that energy can only be found in a caffeine-laden drink.

You’ll find substantial information supported by scientific studies about the effects of caffeine and coffee on various health conditions. Check out the Teeccino Kick the Caffeine Habit Program for quitting caffeine painlessly without suffering from headaches, brain fog, fatigue and other withdrawal symptoms. Take the 21 Day Optimal Energy Challenge to discover firsthand how your body responds to being stimulant-free.

Teeccino’s motto is “Protect the gift of good health”. A healthy body makes all the difference between enjoying life or suffering through it. May you find what you need to reveal your path towards optimal health and unleash your body’s tremendous capacity for renewal.

Learn about the effects of caffeine & coffee on your health