Teeccino tastes so much better than coffee

I have been under the care of a nutritionist/natural health practitioner. When I first started she asked if there was anything I would absolutely not give up and I said please don't make me give up my coffee. Well, guess what, she told me it was not doing my adrenal glands any good and I needed to give up my coffee. Teeccino was one substitute she suggested to replace my coffee. The first Teeccino I tried I didn't care for too much but could drink with a coconut creamer added, but I always drank my coffee black. So, I decided to try the sampler packs and found 6 that are absolutely delicious. When recently on vacation, I took the carafe to put my Teeccino in and then make the coffee for the rest. Once after returning home I accidently picked up the carafe and poured into my cup and when I drank it, the response was Yuk this is coffee, my Teeccino is soooooo much better. I haven't missed my coffee or my caffeine.

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