Detox with Dandelion and Chicory Roots

By Caroline MacDougall, May 25, 2022

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Randy Thill Thill
23rd September 2022

I have to agree…I accidentally discovered Teeccino while visiting my sis in the country during a snow storm. She had no coffee, but I happily drank Teecino Dandelion tea for over two weeks since my car wouldn’t make it out on the icy country roads. Later, I remembered the experience and bought a pound of the dark roast and have been drinking it for my morning coffee for months during allergy season because coffee stimulates me so much that my allergies get much worse. I’ve tried for about 25 years to stop drinking coffee without missing it. Now I have a go to product full of flavor and find I’m quite ignorant that I am not really drinking coffee anymore! I love this new me!