Rewilding the Maya Biosphere Reserve

By Caroline MacDougall, February 25, 2022

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8th April 2022

What an excellent partnership. See people of the world need each other! We learn from each other and can grow together if we only give it a chance.

My husband brought home some Teechino to try as I have adrenal issues and no longer tolerate coffee. What an amazing product! I am floored by all the flavor and herbal combos you have. As an aspiring Herbalist my mind is blown.

esther a brighton
28th February 2022

why do you put inullin in your stuff it taste like diet sugar and that to me taste so nasty i don’t use sugar anyway and diet sugars are bad the have cancer stuff in it

Annarie Lyles
28th February 2022

I love this story and I’m glad you wrote-it up and shared it.

Paul A. Heimberger
25th February 2022

I think perhaps you meant circumference (how big around the trunk) rather than diameter (how thick across the trunk). A 20 foot circumference would be roughly 6.4 foot in diameter.