A Grateful Alternative

A few months ago after having an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with acid reflux disease. I also had a pre-cancerous lesion removed from the area where my Esophagus and stomach meet. So, this got my attention! I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for many years. I only drank tea when I was sick with a cold. I also thought that I could be the lucky one out of my family and escape this disease. As soon as I got the results of my test, I started doing some research. I also started looking for alternatives to drinking coffee. I try to eat as clean a diet as possible. So I looked carefully at the ingredients of coffee substitutes. When I found Teeccino, I thought that this was the solution and that I could at least enjoy a beverage in the morning or whenever I felt hungry or my energy was low to give me pleasure and comfort. I had started drinking diluted coffee, as a transition. When I switched to Teeccino, I actually quit regular coffee in two days! I’m thrilled with Teeccino from the standpoint of taste, how it makes my body feel, convenience, and the price on their website is excellent! Whether it’s the teabags or ground coffee, the taste and quality are wonderful! I am now officially a tea drinker! Never thought I’d say that before! I also appreciate the message from the company founder. I feel she gets it! I’ve only found Teeccino at my local Wegman's, but I find the value and rewards are much better, by ordering on their website. Thank you so much!

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