Addicted to Hazelnut Teeccino!

Dear Team Teeccino- I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for getting me caffeine FREE! I was drinking up to two pots of coffee a day. I was constantly stuggling with the anxiety the caffeine was giving me, yet was stuck in the cycle of thinking I was needing it to get me thru my long days. WOW - was I TOTALLY WRONG!! I am taking a course to become a certified health counselor and during one of the assignments I made mention that I needed to cut the caffeine out of my diet. Someone suggested Teeccino and I went out and bought some that very day. It took me 2 weeks to wean myself - and I am very greatful to have been ENLIGHTENED to your product! I have since made a dozen or so trips to my local health food store as I have decided to give everyone on my Christmas list a bag of Teeccino! NOW I am proud to say that I am addicted to my Hazelnut TEECCINO! Thanks again!! Hugs!

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