All of my kids love Teeccino!

My children are 22, 14, 9 (daughter), and 7. They ALL love Teeccino! I can hardly keep it in the house now! Chocolate is my daughter's go-to drink almost every evening! My event last week was awesome! I hope that many orders will come because of the samples I gave on Sunday! I was so excited once the package arrived 2 weeks ago, that I shared a few samples with my mail carrier! She LOVES it too and has already placed an order! I tried the Caramel Nut sample. I thought that Chocolate was my favorite and Almond Amaretto was my second fav, but the Caramel Nut has topped them all!! Now, instead of being tempted by cookies and other store-bought sweets (when I don't take the time to bake gluten-free desserts), I can have a cup of Caramel Nut to satisfy my sweet tooth. I've already lost 4 pounds and am starting not to miss the cookies I used to sneak (and feel guilty about)! As a breast cancer survivor, I am changing my diet and exercising daily, but I used to feel deprived of my sugary treats when I didn't give in. I don't anymore because of Teeccino. And I just found recipes using it! Teeccino is changing my life!

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