Almond Amaretto and Hazelnut are my favs!

I am so in love with Teeccino herbal coffees. When I tell others about it I refer to it as my wonderful Teeccino. I so look forward to my first cup in the morning, First thing!. Almond Amaretto and Hazelnut are my favorites although the Mocha is delicious as well. The Pumpkin Spice is yummy but I prefer my others. The French Roast has a slightly sweet taste that is nice as well. What I really love is the fact that I barely need to add sugar or much soy milk at all. This beverage holds it's own with little else. That rocks!! Thank you for this wonderful product. I will never go back to coffee again. No reason to. Oh, I found that the permanent gold filter I place on top of my mug is the perfect way to brew my Teeccino. Thanks so much.

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