Anxiety free with Teeccino

I am a sold-out, die-heard coffee addict. Truly. I have a cup (usually a double - one caf and one decaf) for a morning snack. Then I have at least one iced coffee in the afternoon. I've managed to do this and cut out as many calories and fat as I can. Yet my anxiety and dependence on coffee leave me unsettled nearly all the time. Enter Teeccino! I am so excited to find an organic, earth-based product that fills that 'comfort food' part of me, while allowing me to do away with the anxiety and dependence I had on coffee. Being anxiety free is the best gift my switch has given me! The racing heart, racing thoughts and sweats are gone...replaced by the Peace I always knew was there. I can enjoy my Teeccino hot or iced, just like my old favorite. I've told my friends and several of them have switched too. Thanks, Teeccino, for literally changing my life!

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