Avoided late night snacking

Are you a late night snacker like me? It's bedtime and I need to go to sleep but I just have a craving. Rather than reach for that brownie I started reaching for my Teeccino. How much better for our bodies to grab a decadent drink with no acid or caffeine than a brownie or bowl of chocolate ice cream. I do not want to be without my Teeccino. It is my late night snack alternative and is helping me shed pounds by helping me to not indulge in junk food. It works because it TASTES SO GOOD! Hope this can help you as well. I know you're probably thinking I am employed by Teeccino. But I am not. My mom bought me a box and it sat in my cabinet for a while. I have a slow thyroid. Anyone else? I followed a doctor and she too had a slow thyroid but giving up coffee was one of many factors that really brought her back into good health. I thought I too would try not drinking coffee and that is when I realized I had an alternative and the good news... it won't keep me awake at night. Try some, thank me later!

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