Best of both worlds!

I was skeptical about the "coffee" product, but decided to try the Nut Coffee trial package. I loved them all, but particularly the smooth Caramel Nut. I ordered the larger sample package, and distributed them to friends and family. Ultimately, I settled on a bag of the Caramel Nut for myself. Next time, it may be the Almond Amaretto... I combine a spoon of it in my Keurig cup with a spoon of espresso grind coffee. Voila! Flavored coffee without the sweeteners! It's great "black" or with my extra-creamy oat milk. I love it. In the evening, I treat myself to a cup of the Caramel Nut with oat milk creamer. No caffeine, no sugar, and great flavor. Best of both worlds! Thank you for a great product!

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