Blending Teeccino with coffee has improved my health!

I haven't quit coffee, but what I do is use a combo of either Dandelion Caramel Nut or Dandelion Vanilla Nut with Dandelion Dark Roast in 2 parts of the either nut flavor with 1 part dark roast, use that to dilute my coffee grounds by half, and I brew 2 - 4 cups of that in the morning.

The results over time from what I noticed are as I'll list:

1. I noticed my case of insomnia was drastically lower, then it was fully eliminated when I removed my wifi from my bedroom, I think Teeccino helped before that finally wifi removal had gotten rid of what was left.

2. I noticed my indigestion and GERD have gone after doing this for the most part.

3. I noticed I don't get caffeine jitters anymore if I drink beyond my limit, but the effect is still amazing.

4. If I combined this herbal coffee mix I make with these Teeccino flavors with a little bit of each of ashwaganda, brahmi or gotu kola, and shatavari, I noticed that my ability to adapt to stress has become unmatched.

5. My mood has shifted and I want to show people how I do this and make changes now

6. It's helped me cope with some losses I've had and some problems I'm dealing with in my life as of late a lot better.

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