cure for my post-gallbladder removal troubles

I had my gallbladder out in December of 2014. Shortly after that I had my first abdominal "attack" which I could only compare with the pains and intensity of labor. I was in the emergency room many times. For three years I could not figure out what to do. I had many attacks, had been given morphine during two emergency visits, admitted for two nights, told it was anxiety when I knew it was physical, and prescribed bentyl. I stumbled upon Teeccino and now I have no attacks, no emergency room visits, no more bentyl, no more hospital stays. . . I do have to drink 128 ounces of it per day, but because it's so delicious and reminds me so much of coffee, because it's alkalizing and not acidic, because it's full of such healthy ingredients, I do not mind drinking that much at all! Thank you for this wonderful wonderful natural remedy. God bless you! !

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