Decaf coffee makes my mouth sore!

Decaf coffee makes my mouth sore! After switching to decaf coffee in mid-February 2015, I started having sore, rough, whitish areas in my mouth, especially on my inner bottom lip. I tried both grocery store decaf and water-processed organic. A family member mentioned hearing that decaf can dry out your mouth so I did some on-line research on the processes used to make decaf...YUCK! Chemicals, solvents, and super-acidic beans to make up for the flavor loss? I found the Teeccino website while doing this research, and read about how decaf coffee has even more acid than regular coffee. Thank you for making such a wonderful, healthy alternative. Plus, I can't eat wheat/barley, so am thrilled with the Dandelion Dark Roast, it's the best! Thank you for the 30% Earth Day coupon, I'm stocking up bulk for home and tea bags for travel. It simply amazes me that Teeccino not only tastes wonderful but is healthy, too. What a gift you are!

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