Decaf Out, Teeccino In

My husband found Teeccino when he was cleaning out an apartment at work. He brought home the packets, and as I read the labels, I was intrigued. I'm a breast cancer survivor as of 10 years, and do not use decaf or any regular coffees, due to the acidity content. I love the aroma of coffee as it brews, but I never drink it. So his discovery was a God send! I have been using Teeccino for many years now! It is difficult to find in the stores, especially the variety of flavors. So I order it online as needed. I truly love this beverage especially on cold winter nights! So I will never go back to decaf or any coffee again, even if I have to bring it with me to work! I have also shared it with my friends! They too love the flavor and smoothness of the blend. Thank you ever so much for considering my story!

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