Delicious alternative to kick the caffeine habit

I was drawn to Teecino products when I needed to detox while following an elimination diet for a health issue. I've been consuming large amounts of coffee for over twenty years, and enjoy the taste of coffee as one of my favorite treats. I needed to avoid both caffeinated and decaf coffee, so naturally I was distressed. On most days, it was the smell and act of drinking coffee that would pull me out of bed when the alarm went off.

I was initially skeptical, but desperate. I am here to say Teecino has won me over! I found my favorite flavors by starting with the sample flavor packs. I did try to prepare the Teecino in a few different ways, including using in the pre-ground setting on my espresso machine. I discovered that, for me, it tastes best to go a little heavy on the grounds in a french press and let it steep about 5-10 minutes. The suggestion to combine coffee grounds with Teecino, and slowly reduce the coffee grounds also made a big difference in helping me not miss the historical coffee flavor. I was able to completely detox.

Although now I *can* drink caffeinated coffee again, when brewed I still combine it with the Teecino grounds in my french press because it tastes so darn good!!! :-) I just ordered a two new flavors I haven't tried yet, and can hardly wait to enjoy it. Thank you for this delicious product.

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