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I had been diagnosed with chronic anxiety a few months back. My therapist gave me a list of things to cut back on, one of which was caffeine. I was only drinking 1 to 2 lattes a day, each one with 4 shots of espresso, so I didn't think it would be that impactful. Especially since I don't drink soda, or energy drinks, or anything else except organic herbal ice tea. Boy, was I wrong! Cutting out the caffeine changed my health a lot! And all for the better, too. I started sleeping better, eating less, losing weight, and my anxiety wasn't bothering me hardly at all. However - I was still drinking coffee, just decaf now.
My wife came across your product on one of her shopping trips and I started researching what it was all about. Before long, I made the decision to cut coffee completely out, and go with Teeccino as my morning "wake me up". I feel even better since making the switch.
My wife and I have completely changed our lifestyle, and Teeccino fits very well with the foods that we eat. We no longer buy products that are mass produced using harsh chemicals or unhealthy additives, and I'm glad your company feels the same. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

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