Full bodied taste

I have had a life long personal battle with coffee. I have given it up and then am right back on it way too many times. I want to be able to give it up for good. After discovering your coffee I think I will win this battle. It is the first alternative I have tasted that is so very satisfying. I am so happy that I can brew it the same way. I have discovered three stores locally who carry Teeccino. Each seem to carry a limited selection of flavours. To date I have only purchased the coffee from one of the stores and they only have 5 kinds. I haven't seen any of the boutique ones. My favourite flavours make up your coffees. I am so happy to have found your product and I hope to get a chance to try each flavour that you offer. THANK YOU for this coffee alternative. I love the taste and the fullness of it, which are the components I like about regular coffee. Good bye caffeine coffee. In addition, I am so happy about the health benefits of Teeccino. I have spent a good part of this evening enjoying your web-site.

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