Great taste in a variety of flavors but NONE of the bad side effects of coffee

I have IBS and I can no longer drink coffee due to the acid in both regular and decaf. I used to brew expensive Italian coffee that I ordered from Italy through wholesalers with an authentic stove top make that I purchased in Rome. I like coffee that much! I had no idea how I was going to survive. There's only so much herbal tea that one can drink and it just doesn't do the trick in the morning. Did I mention how much I like coffee? I heard about Teeccino when doing online research on IBS. I thought it was too good to be true. How that heck can it look like coffee, smell like coffee and taste like coffee without being coffee at all? After all, I should know since I really like coffee. Oh sorry I guess I already mentioned that! Well, guess what? I like Teeccino so much that I wish I would have known about back when I drank coffee! Who needs the coffee related symptoms that so many people deal with because of how much they have been conditioned to like coffee? Teeccino gives you a great taste in a variety of flavors but NONE of the bad side effects of coffee. I can't wait to try the new bags that will make Teeccino even more convenient for work, for travel and when meeting with other people. It's tough when everyone is drinking coffee and I have to ask for herbal tea or have nothing at all. Now I can just ask for a cup of hot water and I'll be ready for action! Your product really is life-changing and I appreciate your efforts to help people like me!

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