Healthy and alkalizing

I am a Teeccino drinker because an old friend who came to visit told me how her doctor told her she had to get off coffee because of her blood pressure. She said she didn't even want to taste fake coffee because her past experiences were very bad (disgusting was her term). She tried the chocolate mint flavor Teeccino and loved it! So, I did some research and found out it is not only healthy, but alkalizing. Coffee is so acidic and loaded with pesticides, so I decided to send for a sample pack of Teeccino! Wow... delicious and needs nothing added!! Then this week I was visiting family up north and discovered my 13-year-old grand daughter was drinking coffee! I always carry my Teeccino with me and I asked her to try a cup. She loved it! So I had a pack of samples sent to her and told her to find her favorite flavors and let me know. I will gladly keep her supplied with Teeccino if she will stay away from coffee! Teeccino is actually a healthy drink!!

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