I am a changed woman!

I started drinking Teeccino recently when I started experiencing heart palpitations. My doctor told me I should avoid caffeine, which has been very hard since I LOVE coffee and espresso drinks. But I also don't like feeling like I'm having a heart attack, so I got off the caffeine. Decaf doesn't thrill me and some of the flavored teas are ok but don't have the nutty flavor of coffee. I remembered that one of my co-workers had given me a bag of Mocha Teeccino at Christmas time and I had drank it all up. So I decided to try it again and order one of your sampler packets. I am a changed woman! Although I do miss the buzz from coffee, Teeccino comes in such great flavors and has a really good strong flavor that I like. Thank you so much! Now I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything since I had to give up my coffee. In fact, I feel better and I don't get all jittery like I used to when I drank coffee and espresso. Organic and mostly organic makes them even better. Thanks again.

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