I am ordering my second package!

I was always a coffee drinker, even in college so long ago that most of your staff was not even BORN, 1964. As I grew older my coffee intake grew. Once I finished with the military. I was up to about 8-10 cups per day. By 2000 I found out the hard way that I was drinking as much as 16 cups of coffee per day and my health professionals were quite sure that all that coffee contributed to my heart attack which required quad-bypass surgery. After surgery I was informed that I should only drink DECAF coffee with even THAT down to about 6 cups/day, NOT 16 cups of REGULAR. I went into coffee withdrawal. I told my nutritionist, Gwenn Numeroff, that I was having a burning sensation in my esophagus and she not only suggested that I try teeccino, but she actually handed me her half full bag. From my first day of using the teeccino coffee my esophogeal burning has disappeared. I think that you folks should be sending free samples to every hospital in the USA that offers coffee in their hospital canteen along with a health notice that says, for example, NO burning sensation. This should help your sales soar. Look at me, I had NEVER even HEARD of your delicious product 6 months ago and now I am ordering my second package for $75.00. IF THAT is NOT conversion then I don't know what conversion is. Thank you.

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