I can enjoy Teeccino's dandelion products without getting headaches

I have loved coffee since I was 15 years old. Unfortunately, I was a heavy coffee drinker and sometimes I would drink two pots a day. I love the taste and smell, and the fact that it has no calories. Unfortunately, in my late 20s I started having problems with caffeine. It would be years later until I learned that I have migraines, which are all triggered by foods. The greatest culprit is caffeine. I figured out over time that caffeine was a trigger, but thought I had developed an allergic reaction to caffeine. Systematically, over time, I have had to give up many foods that I love--green tea ice cream, green tea, black tea, coffee, chocolate, hot cocoa. It didn't happen all at once. I have only had to give up chocolate in the past year. It now gives me a headache within an hour of eating it. I discovered Barley tea at an Asian grocery store and tried it. I was thrilled that it had a coffee-like taste. However, that gave me headaches too. Not a full blown migraine, but a painful headache. I also gave up Barley tea. In the past few months, after drinking numerous herbal teas for years, and finding them all uninspiring, out of desperation I started surfing the internet for non-caffeine coffee substitutes and found Teecino. I ordered the Dandelion-based Teecino coffees and am very pleased. I can drink it without headaches. I ordered a Pumpkin Barley-based sampler, but I am afraid to try it since I have had problems with Barley before. I'm waiting to try it during a time that will not interfere with my life. My headaches last for three days once they are triggered. I'm hoping that Teecino will develop more flavors in their Dandelion-based section. I sort of drool over all the varieties on the Barley-based side. But, if you have ever suffered from migraines or severe headaches, no food is worth the pain. I am just so happy to have found Teecino and their Dandelion-based coffee substitutes. I have only used Teecino with a French Press coffee maker. The coffee aroma doesn't waft through the house with a French press. I'm wondering if I use a drip coffee maker if I will also get to enjoy the smell in my kitchen and home. I miss that brewing coffee smell also. Thank you Teecino for this great product. I hope the Dandelion-based products are selling well so that more flavors will be developed in the future.

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